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Thank You!!

Due to time constraints from family and going back to school to get my teaching license, I am stepping down as President of the Indiana Generals and the IFL. To participate in this game, you must put forth 100% effort. I have found out this past season that only being able to put in 50% time and effort, was cheating my team, my league and myself.

In doing this, I am stepping away from something that has been an ENORMOUS part of my life since 2000. I have met most of my best friends through semi-pro ball. I have also learned A LOT from those I have met along the way. I will miss the game, but mostly I will miss the people.

My only regret is that the Generals haven't been able to win a championship YET. I am VERY confident that the team will be even stronger in the years to come, and soon will get to that Championship level. The IFL has some great people, and the league will continue to be one of the better leagues in semi-pro football.

I want to thank the guys who put themselves out on the field for me as a coach and team president. I would also like to thank the guys who followed the leadership I tried to display over the years. My dad once said, "You should want to leave a mark on the world, just make sure it's not a scar." This is what I tried to do...hopefully I was successful.

Thank you everyone!!

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Thanks Troy

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A million thanks to you for starting a great organization and sticking with it over the years. Thank you for having a place were it didn't matter what your background, where you worked, or who your friends were. The Generals had it's highs and lows but through it all it made for great fellowship and I also have made many friends that I will never forget.

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Good Luck man. I'm glad I got to know you and work with you. You have done a commendable job taking the reins over from Mr. Coach Bushman and establishing the IFL as a viable league. Kudos also in bringing the Generals organization along to be a serious competitor.

Stay safe


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so who is gona be in charge now and who;s coaching next year

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We recently had our first board meeting and have come to the conclusion that the board, rather than one specific person/player should run the team. This should bring more unity as well as a better perception of the team rather than have someone NEW "running things". I am very confident in my fellow board members that they will do all that is necessary to achive greatness and that the GENERALS are heading forward in our quest of a CHAMPIONSHIP caliber team. As for a head coach, we are currently reviewing several options but havent pinpointed a specific individual. I am confident that The Generals will continue to be a very classy team as well as contend for the IFL title next year, and all that starts with picking the "perfect" candidate for HEAD COACH. For current and future Generals players with any questions please feel free to give me a call. (317) 833-6046. Also anyone who is looking to play for us please visit our website and click the sign-up tab and give us your information and someone will get back to you shortly. Thank you!

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Good luck to you Troy. You have done so much for this league and your team. I was looking forward to meeting you and all the "higher ups" at the league meetings this year. I am sure you will be around the game though.