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Richmond Phoenix Next Meeting!

The Richmond Phoenix will have their next meeting on Dec 6th @ 11a.m. it will be held at the Richmond Pizza King on U.S. 40. Last meeting was a great turnout. now we just need to build on that at the next meeting and great even stronger.
The Phoenix will also be looking to enter in an 8 on 8 Tourney in the near future. We are looking at the one in Near Ft. Wayne or the Snow Ball that the EC Wolverines will be hosting. Either way it will be a great opportunity for Richmond to show what we got.

For any info regarding a tourney or the meeting Please contact- John Walser(765-546-2002) or email

Re: Richmond Phoenix Next Meeting!

come to the snow bowl we would love to have u there

Re: Richmond Phoenix Next Meeting!

This meeting is being moved up to Nov 15th, Same Time and Place. I am wanting to enter my team in a Tourney so we will be preparing like we will be playing in one after Nov 15th.

Richmond Pizza King 11a.m. If you want to play for the Richmond Phoenix show up!

Re: Richmond Phoenix Next Meeting!

You may now post this information in the thread above. Please include both a phone number and an email contact if you are able. One or the other is necessary.