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Tornado WARNING in CONN.

#11 Indianapolis Tornados
#6 Connecticut Giants

NAFL Playoffs FINAL 4

location: Johnathan Law HS
Milford, CT
time: 7 pm

this game will be broadcasted live, for the link go to
for more info on the Tornados visit

Re: Tornado WARNING in CONN.

We did not get a prediction up for the ballgame, but suffice it to say that we are all rooting for our boys from the Midwest to take care of business. Good luck to them and be sure to post the score and details of the game.

Re: Tornado WARNING in CONN.

naptown tornadoes 24
ct giant 22

from the ct giants website, cant wait to hear from some the tornadoes about this game...

big tim

Re: Tornado WARNING in CONN.

Unbelievable!!! This means that the boys from the Nap are going to the NAFL title game. Wow!

We look forward to the details. Congrats to the Tornados- who seem to have hit their stride at the right time.

Re: Tornado WARNING in CONN.

Indy vs San Diego Thunder

NAFL Championship
in the ATL

Re: Tornado WARNING in CONN.

Congrats to the Tornadoes for their success. Thank you for representing Indiana football and the skill that is representative in this great state.

Re: Tornado WARNING in CONN.

Good Luck Tornados! Represent