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All Leagues!

So who are some new teams in old leagues. or in new leagues?

plus any other league

Re: All Leagues!

MSFL will not be Announcing until after the New Team Deadline 1-8-09

Any New Team interested please visit... and click on new teams.

1. Meet the application deadline.* 1/8/2009
2. Have home and away playing uniforms, if not ordered need to have Invoices or
Quotes. Any other issues with uniforms should be brought up.
3. Be in good standing with the league they competed in 2008.
4. Be free of debt to the MidStates Football League and its teams.
5. Meet all fee deadlines. (A $250 fee with your application, If Accepted another
$250 will be needed after your Presentation to the Board of Directors in January
or February, this will make your fees current with the other teams at $500) Note:
If Not accepted $200 of the Application Fee is Reimbursable. (Money Order or
Cashiers Check Only)
6. If Available, have Information on your home field, with locker rooms,
scoreboard, clock, benches, and Public restrooms. (If No Locker Rooms, Hotel
Rooms must be made available)
7. Have standards to which it holds its players, coaches, and team Officials.*
8. Have a disciplinary policy in effect for players, coaches, and team Officials.*
9. Sign a MidStates Football League contract, agreeing to the league disciplinary
policies, payment of fees, use of team logo, and other Requirements as specified
in league bylaws and policy.