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I ran into a friend of mine who played for the dragons in 2006. He told me about the team and im looking to play in 2009. He told me of the IFL website (by the way is a great site) and how to get get to this site. I know that is here nor there but any way i wanted to say i liked the IFL site.
Back to the subject, After reading some of the post about coaches on here i was curious what kind of coaches the dragons have? Any info would be great.
Thank you and have a blessed night.

Re: Dragons

Hey Mike! The dragons are a Bisexual team. All their player go both ways.

and one of them will be wearing a cutter thong.

Re: Dragons

Hey Mike, I dont know who they will have coaching them in the upcoming season, but I do know that JT is good friend of mine and he's a good coach as well, so I'm sure he will be putting together a good coaching staff. And to smart guy, i like those Cutter thongs that we sell, they made us some

Re: Dragons

CARDIO !!!!!!!!!! lots of cardio. If your not in shape you will be.