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"A More Perfect Union"

We (as team owners) are trying to make a strong Midwest conference of semi pro/minor league teams. The proposed conference would be:

• Stallions of Country Club Hills
• Chicago Falcons
• Windy City Buccaneers
• Chicago Grizzlies
• Portage Rage
• Chicago Wolverines
• Great Lakes Wolfpack
• Chicago Cardinals
• Rock County Gladiators
• Chicago Cowboys
• LaPorte County Vikings

The name would be the LMAC (Lake Michigan Alliance Conference) and/or the MAC (Midwest Alliance Conference). We are all teams that have had experiences (some good and some bad) with other leagues. It is our goal to combine our efforts and experience to form, NOT a new league, but join an existing league, the AFL and come under its umbrella to be a “more perfect union".

There are 10 potential teams, and if only half of the proposed teams join together we can TOTALLY eliminate long distance travel for team unwilling or unable to make road trips during the regular season and the first two rounds of the play-offs. Only teams that advanced to inter-conference semi-final games (i.e. MAC vs SWAC) would have to travel, and then travel would be determined by which team has the overall best record. In short, the travel issue will be minimized and in some cases eliminated all together. The Alliance Football League (AFL) has practical and realistic expectations from its members. No team will be excluded or ostracized for circumstances beyond their control.

The benefits of coming together include (but are not limited to):
• Affordable League Fee
• Team event insurance
• Opportunity to hold an official position in the AFL
• Voice in making rules and policies
• Competitive game play and scheduling
• Maximum exposure through the league website
• Individual team website assistance
• Structured but flexible administration

This is an opportunity to for all of the teams to be in a reputable league and at the same time allow growth and assistance for all teams in need. Please consider this invitation and feel free to contact me with any questions or comments. I am serving only as a liaison for the AFL and all prospective teams and have been given permission to solicit team membership. Check the site:

J. Irving
Stallions of CCH
773 454-5817