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Adams County vs. Evansville round 2

Call it fate, destiny, or irony...
The Indiana High School class 3-A championship will feature a match up of teams from Adams County (Bellmont Braves) 13-1 vs Evansville Memorial 12-2.

This is the first time Bellmont has been past the sectional round of the play-offs.
The difference between this match up and the MFL championship is that it won't be played at Worthman field, but in Lucas Oil Stadium!!!!!!
The Patriots want to wish the Braves the best of luck this Saturday as they go for their first ever Football State Championship.

Re: Adams County vs. Evansville round 2

Most of the guys on the Bearcats went to Reitz. Memorial is our Catholic sister school but I wish them luck anyway. Wayne are you going to the State games?

Re: Adams County vs. Evansville round 2

Actually I will be in southern Indiana where I grew up having our family Thanksgiving.
Are you plannin on being there?

Re: Adams County vs. Evansville round 2

Sergio from the Horsemen and I went up against two of the O-linemen from Memorial during the local Flag season last year. The line play in our league is a shade below full contact for the record. Even though we won the game and were the champions of the league, I told the Memorial players that when they reach the Semi-Pro ranks, it will be time for me to move on. I am getting too old for dealing with that on every play.

It should be a good game and I wish luck to both teams.