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What is the purpose of paying league fees? Do they help the paying team in anyway? Can someone help me to understand

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Good question. I mean, don't the teams pay for their own refs, fields, equipment, travelling costs, equipment, uniforms, championship rings, so forth...?

Why on earth would they need to pay a league other than to have a governing body in case there was an argument at a game?

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The problem with a lot of players is that they only can relate to the visible cost of running a team. Many players and teams that fail, usually fail to understand the invisible cost to running organizations. These are the cost that many people don't see and aren't talked about but take a chuck out of your budget.

Some of these invisible cost are:

INSURANCE: usually the most expensive part of the fee. This is usually required by any team that wants to rent out a facility.

WEBSITE: Cost of setting one up, registrations, and paying the monthly server fee. Lets not forget the cost to create logos and graphics.

BANK ACCOUNTS and fee: Try to go out and get a free business account. Good luck (checks) (bank fees)

GOVERNMENT FEES: Either you run it as a business or non-profit. Both cost money to set up and both cost money to keep it running. This includes accountant and or tax professionals to file the monthly / yearly forms.

RENT: of P.O. Boxes at the post office and for meeting locations for league meetings

Membership: to any other organization that league may be a part of.

Bore you yet? Here are some Visible things that cost money.

Trophy's: yes that is an expensive piece of hardware

COPIES: of league rules, game rules, agendas, schedules, etc. lowest you can get is 4 cents a page. It adds up quick.

And this is just for a BASIC league. Those that are willing to offer more, the cost keeps going up.

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"mc_pirate" did a fairly good at answering this question. If he seemed a bit perturbed with his answer, that too can be explained, I can feel his pain. With apologies for repeating some items, I offer the following list of league expenses:

* Organizational Fees for the league – "mc_pirate" has a good list.

* Liability Insurance – As mentioned by "mc_pirate", nearly all schools will require proof of insurance as a prerequisite for field usage consideration. This is much simpler and 'time friendly' to work with under a league umbrella versus each team obtaining [it] individually.

* Webmaster – In most cases, there are not many folks willing to manage a website i.e. create graphics, links, continually update content etc. and devote the necessary time to this effort "pro bono". Even with this cost included I would highly suspect that most webmasters (who are incidentally usually associated with an organization within the particular league) charge a fee that is below market rates.

* Play-off Officiating fees – Yes, teams pay their officials for 'regular season' games. However, in the IFL (at least a few years ago), compensation for game officials of play-off games is secured within the framework of the league fees.

* Head of Officials Compensation – This is relative to the IFL. The Head of Officials receives compensation for his services in recruiting, training, scheduling and supervising the various game officiating elements associated with league activities.

* All-star Game and Banquet expenses – Again, this pertains to the IFL. In this case, there are numerous expenses associated with conducting the entire event. This includes field leasing, all-star uniforms, banquet hall rental and reservations, meals and some beverages to name some.

* Championship Trophy – I think this one is pretty self-explanatory.

With respects to 'feeling the pain' of "mc_pirate", I must point out that every team organization conducts business differently. Some organizations tend to keep a lot of operational information confined within the leadership ranks of their respective organization. Other organizations will present this information to the team membership as a whole. I have always been an advocate of the latter position. In my opinion, "transparency" helps to avoid misunderstandings, especially with regards to other people’s money. Furthermore, the only excuse any particular player can have in that instance is that they were not present, were not listening and/or paying attention and finally failed to ask any pertinent questions at the time of presentation. With few exceptions, all of these situations place the onus of understanding upon the individual player. Still, there will always be players that 'claim' to have not been informed and thus the irritation.

The information I mentioned above is usually covered at the organizational meetings most teams convene prior to spring workouts. While they may be 'boring' to a certain degree, they do or should serve this purpose as well as other organizing activities.

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All the above in regards to the MSFL....

Also...League Championship Game is paid by the League..
Meaning...Field Rental..Officals...Trophys.

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I am glad that you all explained it, so that players will understand that playing the sport we love is not free, if you want it to be organized. So pay your team dues or get some sponsers.