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Mustangs @ Triton High School

Are the Mustangs gonna be playing at Triton High school again this year for a home field?

Re: Mustangs @ Triton High School

YES, the K.C. Mustangs are planning to have Triton High School as our home field in 2009. Things went great and everyone was happy.
On Jan. 10, 1:30, Mustangs will be holding tryouts at Triton, in the gym. Any questions,


Re: Mustangs @ Triton High School

I wasn't happy. We need a freight elevator to get those damn speakers on top of the press box. lol
Triton was a fantastic place to have a game. And the best and most complete concession stand in the league!!! I am looking forward to being there again in 2009.

Re: Mustangs @ Triton High School

Was a nice field to play on and seems like you guys had a pretty good following there. Like the Orange Towels too.