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Tony Dungy

Any thoughts on Dungy?

Re: Tony Dungy

Yeah, I'm sure there are many different points of view, but I say "Good for You" coach Dungy!!!!

He has been living proof that you can be a part of the game, but not be controlled or consumed by it.
The fact that he involved his family and they reached a mutual decision for him to step down speaks volumes. He has been a class act since day one and I applaud him for that.
It just goes to show that you can get awesome results without being a complete A-Hole. You can be successful without selling out. You can do it right by keeping your priorities in line.
The three F's
Probably someone the rest of us can learn a lot from, I know I could.

Re: Tony Dungy

Great man, great coach.
It was his time to move on. It will not benefit the Colts having Caldwell replace him. The program is stale. Time for an overhaul. They'll make the playoffs and lose again until they can change up the same old scheme. Everyone has caught up. Need to re-invent themselves.

Re: Tony Dungy

I enjoyed Tony Dungy's time here in Indianapolis, but I am ready to see a change. The last few years of hearing that he wanted to retire not only put a damper on the fans but the entire colts team. I do not think Caldwell has what it takes sorry, but his only time as head coach was at wake forest where he only had 20something wins to almost 60 losses.....
I do see the Colts being the dominate team that they are only if they draft well and pick up key free agents.....Beef up the Offensive line and Linebacker

Re: Tony Dungy

By watching the playoffs, we need 1 thing ... DEFENSE. How about a Big DT to finally once and for all stop the run.
But, then again we don't have a first round pick this year. So we see what we get.

I also think that Harrison will be let go or take a big pay cut.

Re: Tony Dungy

Colts have the 26th pick in the first round this year. You must be thinking of last year when we traded with San Fran to pick up Tony Ugoh in the second round of the 2007 draft.

Re: Tony Dungy

I am not really a fan of the colts but if you look at his players from Tampa to Indy you will see how alot of them are involved in their community. Prime example look at Warrick Dunn. The guys not only became better football players but he taught them that you might be a millionaire but that doesn't make you a better man. And these men became better men most of all because of him. He is a good coach so congrats enjoy the retirement.

Re: Tony Dungy

Every part of me is said to see Coach Dungy leave. As a coach, player, Christian, and even as a man. If Coach Dungy taught us anything that is God is in control of everything.

For those of you who believe it was time for a change I beg to differ. In 7 years the man won 1 Super Bowl. I'm really not sure what the measuring stick for sucess is. If winning Super Bowls is what a coach is to be judged on then the only person deserving of a job is Bill Belichick. that can't be it. There was someone on here who said that the defense needed to be revamped and that the rest of the league has caught. I don't believe that to be true either. When you look at the Tampa 2 the most important people on the field are the defensive tackles (well that's probably true in any defense, but that's another story for another day.) For the Tampa 2 to work, the defensive tackles must demand double teams, we clearly didn't have that this year. We had Ed Johnson, we all know how that story ends. Tried to get McCargo from the Bills fat boy could even pass his physical. With the offense we had at least, the defense was excellent. Keep everything shelled, limit people to 3rd and long and let the two buzzsaws on the ends go to work. So I agree with JJ, personnel issues need to be address. Have to figure out how to run the ball again and get tough hards. As a former corner under 5'8" myself I have the utmost respect for Tim Jennings but a 5'6" starting corner isn't going to cut it. And any offensive line that has Charlie Johnson as a starter was doomed from day one, but I digress.

May God continue to bless Coach Dungy and I will forever be grateful for what he has taught me during his time here with the Colts.

Re: Tony Dungy

Rev, you were DEFINITELY a corner under 5'8"...

...and 5'6"

...and 5'4"....


Just messin' w/ ya man! Are you ready to do some work in 2009?