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AA National Championship Prediction Thread

Mid Ohio Jets vs. Chicago Thunder

What a great game and what a great location. Both of these teams have to be proud of the season they have put together- the finances they have secured in order to make the trip- and finally the chance to play for a trophy. Both teams found their way through conferences that were a little less competitive overall than expected (though challenges came from unexpected sources in both cases), and both teams appeared to have handled those challenges well. Both teams feature a stable full of veterans and war-torn technicians of the game as well as young and athletic kids. The Jets, though, are a clear favorite. While it is understood that rosters are often "flexible" for these events, the Jets' group is much deeper. Over the course of the season, they had a much tougher schedule (not that the Thunder had an easy path) and won more convincingly. While the Thunder have crushed the spirits of every team in their path with hard nosed and methodical football, the Jets are much more explosive. While the Thunder offense will play the Jets defense tough, the real advantage is to the Jets' offense against the Thunder defense. The Thunder have not seen anything like the men in Green this year- especially the ground game. Both teams will be rusty and a bit sloppy early on, and the experience of veterans will benefit both teams. The bottom line is that the Jets will build a first half lead that--while not huge-- will be impossible to overcome. Two great seasons for two great teams, but there can be only one champion: The Mid Ohio Jets.

Jets 27
Thunder 17

Re: AA National Championship Prediction Thread

Stampede 28, Thunder 14 it will be a good game . good luck to all teams this year

Re: AA National Championship Prediction Thread

The Stampede beat the Thunder?

Re: AA National Championship Prediction Thread


I appreciate the vote of confidence, I sincerly did expect you to choose the Thunder of the Jets.

Win, lose, or draw, both teams have earn the repsect and we hope to put on a great show!!!

May God Bless both teams with no injuries....

Sammy da Bull

Re: AA National Championship Prediction Thread

Sorry to argue with you Supa, but if the Thunder played a weaker schedule than the Jets, they were playing in the high school division of the Chicago Public Schools. Although the Jets are very talented, they have not played one team that would go even .500 in other area leagues. This will be their downfall today as they play a very battle tested, veteran Chicago Thunder. My prediction:


Re: AA National Championship Prediction Thread

Chicago Thunder 21, Mid Ohio Jets, 16.

Game MVP Andres Roldan.