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Chicago Thunder vs Mid Ohio Jets Final

After 5 lead changes, the Chicago Thunder were able to outlast the Mid Ohio Jets 21 - 16.

This was a very exciting game, we unfortunately, made a few mistakes that cost us big, but I give the Thunder mad credit, they were a great group of guys and great sports.

We were able to move the ball very well, but had some untimely turnovers in the redzone.

Re: Chicago Thunder vs Mid Ohio Jets Final

We'd love to see pictures from the game if anyone is willing or able to post them. Congrats the the Thunder. Their win is worthy of praise indeed.

Re: Chicago Thunder vs Mid Ohio Jets Final

A birdie told me that the Jets roster down in Florida didn't match their regular season roster. Is this two years in a row now that the Jets have added players (lack of confidence in own) and have still lost the big one?

Re: Chicago Thunder vs Mid Ohio Jets Final

The Jets are going to be just like COL winning paper chapionships and playing and loosing in the national title every year. Their league should be considered a non MLFN league. Until they step up to a bigger league they shouldn't be invited back to florida. beating middle school teams all year is not impressive.

Re: Chicago Thunder vs Mid Ohio Jets Final

lol... "USFA," did you ever play us (COL)? If so, you probably wouldn't feel that way..... Chances are we would have handed it to you (cause we did that a lot)..... If not, hit me up... Maybe we can set something up with the team I'm with now.

Re: Chicago Thunder vs Mid Ohio Jets Final


Middle School Ball? Nice, I would like to show you how we play middle school ball. Looks to me like the USFA took in some of the "Middle School" teams from the Old MOFL for the upcoming 2009 season.

The Tri-State Titans organization is working on a Pre-Season game against a 2009 USFA member team currently for the record.

Chris Cooke
General Manager
Tri-State Titans

Re: Chicago Thunder vs Mid Ohio Jets Final

Actually, Our roster has been the same all year....I am sure people are looking at our website roster which hasn't been updated since our former head coach stepped down in June. I am sure the MOFL can send you a list of our roster if needed.

It's funny how the "USFA" is still on the Jets nutz....

Re: Chicago Thunder vs Mid Ohio Jets Final

Who cares about a can only play with 11 guys on the field at a time
all though the jets had 12-13 guys in the huddle a few times that didnt get called
Seriously... Nothing but respect to the Jets, this was the most physical game the Thunder have played in the past 3 years...a True Championship type game.
Solid O-Line...never gave up a sack...
Tough Defensive Backs...killing our passing game
Tough Defense...Thunder only had the ball for 1 play in the third Quarter and that resulted in a fumble.

Like I said, no one but outsiders care who played in the game..

MidWest football at its have to wonder why the Midwest teams seem to represent so well when it comes to National Championships...

Detroit Seminoles
Indianapolis Tornadoes
Mid Ohio Jets
Chicago Thunder

Damn good list representing 4 different leagues....

Good Luck the the Jets next year.....

Re: Chicago Thunder vs Mid Ohio Jets Final

COL is the Jets Right? I mean many of the same players. COL was in the LSFL which never got respect. The only other good team to ever be in that league was the Twisters which beat COL twice in one year. The only National Championship to ever be won be COL was against a LSFL team (Columbus Extreme). The one year COL went to the MCFL I think they went 6-4 then folded. COL and now the JEts will always be known as teams that had potential to be the best but will never be considered the best because you won't play them. Noone is running from the Jets, your invited with open arms.

Re: Chicago Thunder vs Mid Ohio Jets Final

"CMON," you have done a little bit of your homework, but I will have to give you a grade of INCOMPLETE.....

The Jets are not the COL... Yes, they have some of the COL players (maybe 10 or so), but that's about it..... They are a good team (ask Lima and the Chicago Thunder - they seemed to have taken both of them to the wire). Some of the other guys (about 12)have ended up with the Miami Valley Warriors....

Like I said before, if you played us (COL) back then, you probably got beat (unless you were one of the very few teams that beat us)..... Our run in the MCFL was not as successful as we would have liked, but not bad considering we only lost to the Cleveland Lions, the Detroit Seminoles, and the Kings Comets (that one still stings!).....

Re: Chicago Thunder vs Mid Ohio Jets Final

Tornados All the way