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Ready to upgrade your website?

Hello everyone,

Its JJ here, manager of the Pirates team. I am starting a new web site company designing and hosting websites and I want to offer some amazing introductory deals to the people I know best first, You all.

I am offering basic website packages for $150 start-up fees and $15 a month. I know there are a lot of free football sites our there but what I am offering is custom work at a fraction of the cost other traditional website designers offer.

What would you get? First you would have a unique look for your team. NO copycat templates or hometeamonline simple stuff. Second your going to get webpages that you can edit, online and with NO HTML knowledge NEEDED so you can update your site instantly and easily, no FTP or complex programs needed. Finally, your going to get a site set up the way you want it. Want your logo and a certain color scheme, no problem. We are going to work with you in order to achieve a quality product.

Why work with us? Your website is usually one of the first places many of your new players go to view your team. What impression do you want to leave? The internet is now the first place people turn to when they seek out information and visitors to your site make a decision about your overall product in less than 3 secs. Its better to make it a good one.

What our experience? is ran by two of our kind. I have a masters degree in Architecture and Digital Media, my business partner has a bachelors degree in Information Technologies and has 5 years of experience running IT support for mid-size companies. Check out our work. and the newly released

This is really a steal on the services we are offering for this quality of work. I'll call it the Economy Sucks Sale. If your interested in talking about what we can do for your team, please send us an e-mail at

Thanks for everyone's time.

Re: Ready to upgrade your website?

JJ, Get a real job. Stop posting on this site every 10 seconds.