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Cardinals Preseason

Unfinished business!!! IT STARTS:

June 13 Indiana Titans(MSFL) at Cardinals

June 20 Shamrock(IFL) at Cardinals

June 27 Cardinals at Wolfpack(IFL)

Re: Cardinals Preseason

I am super excited about the wolfpack playing you guys. I came to the first game last year that you guys played against the patriots, and you guys have some good talent on your team. Can't Wait!!!


Re: Cardinals Preseason

c-notes the titans are looking foward to playing a top notch team likes yours it will get us ready for the msfl season

Re: Cardinals Preseason

I like it, I like it!!!

Re: Cardinals Preseason

Hey guys why dont you field a team and come play in our indoor tourney March 20-22. If you need more info let me know.

Re: Cardinals Preseason

O.k. we got the cards playin two ifl teams, so like the acc-big ten challenge lets get the mfl-ifl challenge. Ifl teams and mfl teams always arguing about what league is better lets prove it or stop talkin about it. Its early lets make it happen. I played with the two guys running the cardinals and they are very competitive, sometimes they bite of more than thier young team can handle, but they aint scarred of taking on good teams!