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Home Field Advantage

We all know that every team, no matter which league, has the best defense, best offense, a quarterback that is one step short of being the next Brett Farve, and a safety that can out run a deer. What we really want to know is who has "home field advantage" and why. Is it your field? Is it your announcer? Is it your consession stand? Do you have the cleanest restrooms?
What makes your home special?

Re: Home Field Advantage

Denny Field for the MC Chiefs. We had extra defenders all over the place (grub worms). Problem was they were just as likely to tackle our guys as they were to tackle the opposing team. The Lighting was spetacular. And port-o-lets left a great smell. We had it wrapped up there. LOL
All kidding aside, Denny field was a great home. Q announcing, fans rocking, and Dane Hill coaching, it was a place no one wanted to play in the playoffs.

Re: Home Field Advantage

If you've ever played at Horlick- Racine need to just to see it.

5,000 yelling, SCREAMING fans all game. In your ears all game long, calling you out by name.

At the end of ther game, they are cool, asking if you want a brat or beer in the parking lot.

Hardest place to win in Semi pro ball.


Re: Home Field Advantage

I have heard of the stories of Denny Field and I tired to get that as a home field for the pirates last year. We would have a great advantage there if it wasn't for the Republican officer in charge of the Parked Dept. that found out that we had not paid rent and wanted to back charge us for the field even though we paid and preformed the maintenance of the field for the past 9 years.

The best home field vs. an opponent I have played against was the cutter. I hated their announcer with a passion and wanted to personally go kick his ass.

The field I want to boast about is the Pirates Cove. While yes it lacks some of the standards that some teams have grown accustomed to, their is not a field like it in semi-pro today. It is surrounded on three sides by wild fields. The feeling of the facility is as if it was the field of dreams for football - the corn. Again we may have lost more games than won, things forthcoming will be different at the pirates cove. We are adding speakers, an announcer, cannons, yes cannons, and will begin the building of the ship. Our field is unique and I and many of our player take PRIDE in it. For it was supa-fan him self that had said the following to describe the pirates cove - the Pirate's Cove - a place where even fate and luck get lost - the Pirate's Cove - a place where opposing offenses have also been known to find themselves grounded

PS. No yet knows why the Pirates Cove earned its name. Dare anyone to play against use during a rainstorm on our home field.

Re: Home Field Advantage

I would have to agree with Hendricks on this one. Horlick Field has got to be one of the best places to play semi-pro ball. The fans talk trash to you or if you're getting blown out they joke around with you. They are like 6-7 yards from the sideline and the stands stetch from one endzone the other on both sides. Their 50/50 winner usually takes home about $700. Oh yeah, if you get your butt kicked the fans might treat you to a pitcher of brew.

Brian Clawson
Kicker/bu Punter
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Re: Home Field Advantage

Some teams don't have a field...Well they have a field but it is better suited for corn.