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Indoor touney cancelled

I hate to have to do it, but the indoor tourney has been cancelled. We will revisit the possiblity of a tourney next year. Hopefully our economy has recovered.
Thank you,
Todd Gibson

Re: Indoor touney cancelled

This is sad for the Crush. I think you had credible teams attending this year and could have helped you grow this into something big for you guys. I can say that after adjusting my plans for this I won't attend again.

Re: Indoor touney cancelled

Thanks for taking the initiative on this. It's folks who take risks and try to do things like this that make our sport great. Good luck with the planning next year.

Re: Indoor touney cancelled

I can say from experience with the Crush and the last time they had this tourney...they lost money. Teams just didn't show up, or pay as they said they were going to do.

I applaud them for their effort. Playing the "iron man" style tourney was a lot of fun, but if you can't get teams to commit the $$ upfront, and get enough teams to make it profitable...why go through with it?


P.S. Andy Wisel sucks! HA

Re: Indoor touney cancelled

Thanks Grandpa Thad we miss you too. Hey guys sorry we really wanted this to go through and with the two teams dropping out we had to do it this way. Believe me we have been getting ready for it and we wanted it to go down. We will be looking for a preseason game in june. If interested let us know.

Re: Indoor touney cancelled

Wow...come on Guest...
I'm sure you are disappointed that you have to change your plans after making some...
but if 2 teams backed out...what are they suppose to do...lose $$ just so you dont have to change plans

I participated in the first one and it was a blast.
Hopefully next year things will be better..