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this dude must not know crap about football


I would say this is the most equal that the league is and that the odds of any of these teams coming out on top right now is pretty good. it sounds like some of the better teams from last year have lost players and some of the bottom teams from last year have upgraded there rosters. looks to be a great competative season.


No one cares about this stupid stuff. Just focus on your team and shut up!


no stupid there are 10 teams so each team has a 1:10 odds


a fan, unfortunately, games aren't decided by the flip of a coin, so each team does not have a 1 in 10 chance.

I'd say the cutters are more like a 1:2 or even a better than that.


Considering all the players who have moved to other teams, the new players coming into the league and the fact that the season hasnt even started yet, I would say everyone has a equal chance.


Impossible. Only an idiot would say something like that.


The Cutters will field and very strong team this year with out a doubt. They did lose some key players to other teams. The only thing that worries me about the cutters is how close is Brent to being burned out.

The Cobras(now looking like the Broncos) are a close second. Those players won three in a row and now look to have all the right players and personel back in place to do it agian.

Mustangs lost some players to the wolfpack but they might be the best ran team in all of Indiana. They will replace those players and gear up for a strong run.

The Cougars seem to have had old age finally catch up to them. Unless they find some young talent they will be at the bottom of the pack.

The Crush had a down year and im not sure if people should read into that to much. The will still play smash mouth football and will be in every game to the end.

Shamrock's young talent has had a year to get the world of semipro football under their belt and will be ready to go.

The Generals have made some big splashes in the semipro free agency (lol thats funny to me). But I don't see a coach really changing to much for them. The same talent will still only keep them in the middle of the league.

Numbers are up and the Radiers will be looking to do shock the league this year. The are NOT the wranglers so don't think this is a W on the schedule.

The KNIGHTS will not even field a team.


Here is a look from outside.

Cutters- They have lost some talent, however going through a season that they did...ending in a championship. Confidence can do many things for young players and set a staple for your team. They will be tough. They have a trophy to defend. they have to be!

Generals- The Generals have ALWAYS been tough, a team that you always have to be prepared for. It will be interesting to see what comes of the "new" coach and the boys in red. Aside from the influx of player, and a new coach, you can always count on the generals stirring the pot in the league. Something to watch. The question however, is how will the coach handle the traveling pants? will he keep them in the closet for special occassion on saturdays only? or will he make them into work rags and use them a few times every week? For those less toughtful...Pants = Roaming players. A small feeling of some chest bumping this first year.

Mustangs- One thing NOBODY can say is that the Mustangs are out of anything. These cats have been doing nothing but winning since thier born Identity. with GI JOE Anglin taking over, you can expect a new life in terms of defense. With thier franchise QB back in the saddle..."Healthy" and the talent they have, sources say they have been rewarded well in the off season with solid numbers of solid athletes, you have to expect them in the ship.

Raider's- With the possibilty of T.O. in just jokes. HALLELUJA for these cats! It's been said and confirmed about the numbers they have had this off-season. The only thing I wish is that all of the former wranglers could be a part of this. These guys deserve this in a bad way. Week in and week out they have been beaten up and have enjoyed every quarter of it. Of course they would have prefered to win most of those games. Like Michael Irvin said, A team ain't nothing until you get talent, only then can you worry about team chemistry. Every team out there only could hope to have a team chemistry issue. the raider's may not have a problem with either which should make some teams take notice.

Cobra's- Here's the deal, Matt Steele will be playing the role of Mr. Miagi and the vader foga will be practicing his crane kick out at the end of the pier. It will be rough waters for this first season. they will get some wins and prove themselves very capable. this will be a somewhat slow stabilization however. Do not expect them contenders out of the gate. I believe it is better this way than trying to coax a championship team right out of the gate. They will be a huge threat in time, maybe even two seasons, however...I think this is a ploy to get it right instead of beating it dead from the beginning. I beleieve some lessons have been learned from the bronco days, and this looks to be a steady-not over doing sail.

Cougars- It is hard to really state anything about this team. They keep quiet and play. If they were blazing out wins and adding to a hardware case this would be the way to go. However I think they are under question as far as performance goes. This hasn't been the case for a couple years but a little birdy says look out for some new talent. I don't believe it to be enough.

Wolfpack- well this seems to be about as good as it gets for a first year team. Usually in your first year you are trying to figure out where you are at and what you can do and where you go from there. This team however has a few veterans on it's squad and a true Offensive coach/ coordinator/ owner. the kicker is it seems he has coached most of his roster in high school. These cats left the Mustangs, Mustngs have replaced them (quite quickly) so it's now on their shoulders to prove themselves. Thoughts: some good talent it appears, but awfully awfully young. Coaching will get them only so far.

Shamrock- Should be in the title hunt every season. Given thier location and the rescources at thier disposal....This team should be at the top kicking other teams off. If ownership can pull this together and take advantage of what they have...should be no question of a possible title. One of two things here folks, it's either going to be your grandma's clovers, or it's not and you had better look out. My view, make some cookies for your G-ma and tell her you love her.

Crush- Give these ctas credit, they hang around. Give them credit for putting forth a great affort to centralize good football in one location. too bad more teams didn't jump in on this. I say kudos to the Crush for attempting. I beleieve if the Crush were to venture out in the backwoods of kend-er-ville and dekalb county they would frind some wood chopp'n rabbit skin'n footballers to pave thier way. This may be even enough to pull the pretty boy woodsmen Thadley out of his wife's bolted doors! ha! Problem with the crush is that they are in a shaky location. However, it is a location that if probed correctly, there isn't a soul north of santa claus indiana that would want to even look at them wrong. There are man-beasts surrounding the crush. if they can get a fraction of them... it's open season in the IFL for the crush.

Knights- Not sure what to make of this team. From what I hear they have a pretty stout base. Given thier location, they should fair well, if not time. This is definately one of those gonna have to wait and see what the dealy-is. I think that the IFL needs to keep an eye out for these cats though because they could be a sleeper. There are some that say they will not field a team. I however believe they will field a team and could possibily...if handled correctly..will cause a headache for a few teams.

I'm not mr. know it all I do not claim to be, but these are my views. Debate well! call me names I do not care... I love you all like I love my cats.


INDIANA CUTTERS 10:1(word is they lost alot of talent to the broncos, excuse me cobras and a few players to retirement)
K.C. MUSTANGS 6:1 (2:1 to get to the ship game and choke, it remains to be seen if they can still be a great team after losing some really good talent in the off season)
SOUTHSIDE COBRAS 4:1(prolly the favorites, if this team is made up of most of the former broncos, if not who knows)
INDIANA GENERALS 11:1 (usually solid, who knows maybe this is their year)
N.C. WOLFPACK 15:1 (alot of good receivers on paper, but qaurterback is still a question mark, and no talent at runningback, but the bright spot is these guys have alot to prove and from what I've heard they have a good coach that players like)
M.C. COUGARS 25:1( have been on a steady decline for the last couple of years, no reason to think the trend will stop)
TRI COUNTY RAIDERS 40:1 (umm, no lack of heart from these guys, just a lack of overall talent, and need a up grade at QB to ever be competitive)
GOLDEN KNIGHTS ?:1 (who knows)
ELKHART SHAMROCK 100:1 (lol, umm)
CLASSIC CITH CRUSH 50:1 (not sure what the story is with these guys, use to be a descent team who in the ship game just a few years ago, heard they have had issues at coach)


I would have to say the Cobras and Generals will be the team to beat this year the Cutters have quite simply lost to much they are doing a good job of keping the lid on things but all is not well in Bloomington Indiana. The players they lost to the Cobras and Generals just can't replaced from with in so unless they get some quality players that come out they will be a 500 team at best. Lets face it you lose Engleking and Cameron and Easton from the defense and Burton and White their quarterback ( we were so lucky last year we didn't even have a back-up QB ) from the an offense that was very predicable and don't forget Izzy Thompson is a year older and won't have Burton there to open holes for him then that spells trouble for the red and white. Numbers don't mean a thing talent is what counts and right now the Cutters are hurting and starting to be in a tail spin toward a looooooooooooooooooong season.
I have also heard they are going to have a huge player fee this year after always having a very small token fee, big player fess always mean one thing and that is an organization is struggling or trying to get in the black and call it quits.