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players, recruiting, etc...

I just wanna make a couple things clear, because I heard it mentioned with a couple of seperate people now.

I don't recruit players or perhaps it should be made clearer being said like this... If football players call me about playing I talk to them. If another IFL team has them signed to a players agreement I will not stop talking to a guy cause he plays for another team. If he is a friend or former player/ team mate.

As I have heard Dane Hill say a few times, "after a season all players are free agents". I agree with this and I don't go out of my way to talk guys into staying with my team or going elsewhere.

If my players recruit other players (especially in March) I have ZERO control over that. I don't care nor would I ask them to stop.

I am gonna try to have the best program I can... If that attracks guys... GREAT! If not, I can manage that too.

Minor league football is populated (for the most part) by thieves and liars. I know this and I will just coach whoever shows up.

Please don't take this as a negative, this is the nature of the beast.

RIP Paul Harvey... Good Day!

Matt Steele

Re: players, recruiting, etc...

I agree with you 100 percent coach. Its not like semi-pro players are signed to a multi year contract to play just for one team. Good luck to you and the Cobras, hope to see you guys in the playoffs.

Charles Gross #19
Noble County Wolfpack

Re: players, recruiting, etc...

I think all players are fair game in the off season. We are all men and can decide for ourselves where we want to play.