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Greatest Player

I remember watching a documentary on Dick Butkus, and the commentator said 'A great man is a man who reminds us of no one else."

Obviously, he was talking about Butkus...But curious as I am, I wanted to know what teammate or coach or even opponent you have played with that you would consider a "Great Man."

It may not be the TD's he scores, or the X's and O's he draws up, but what teammates/Coaches have the ability to effect you OFF the field and make you a better man, father, son or even co worker by what they've done through semi pro football?

This may be tough for the player that never needed no one, no how, now way no time..but for allot of us...we know better, and what you say may even inspire the same person to continue what it is they do....

Re: Greatest Player

I would have to say jim Bown hands down. He was a great humanitarian on and off the field. he has started numerous charitys for young men coming from broken homes to get atleast a ged. Another man that i believe needs to be put in this category is a linebacker by the name of clay matthews. He was the prototypical lunch box type of player. he done his talking on the field!! Great Post BTW

Re: Greatest Player

I agree Jim Brown should have been the first african american to win the Heisman

Re: Greatest Player

Thanks. I was going more for a semi pro caliber inspiration, but Jim Brown was-is a great inspiration to all who know about what he has done, truth be told.

But I know there's got to be someone out there who - when the semi pro season starts, thinks of another teammate or coach that insprires the 1st workout, or when they are doing something other than football, remebers another semi pro person that helps them out at the time.

Even a teammate who - in the off season, came by and helped you move, painted your garage or watched your kids or even lent you a few bucks when you needed it....

Spill it kids!

Re: Greatest Player

the 4 years i played in grant county were extremely fun and one person that made it that way was troy riddle. he played qb for us about 80 percent of the time and was a great leader. he made good decisions on the field and made everyone think his dumb ones would work. he was a decent player that always made one clutch throw a game that some how lifted the team up. but his biggest contribution was was leadership. he could get 30 grown ass knuckle heads to listen and all be on the same page. he was always there for me when i got mad and wanted to loose my temper. just a class OLD man. everyone who played for him would say so. plus you gotta give respect to anyone who can hang with us young cats at 45