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Where's that statement?

Foga, my editors are still waiting for that statement, we are dangerously close to our deadline and have no other material to fill the spot that you requested to have in the editorial.

Your confirmation of the denial of all statements pertaining to the undisclosed subject seem to be very specific in nature and cannot go unheard by the deaf ears on which they are falling. The rhetorical questions that you pose need to be answered with all due haste and in a manner that obscure the ambiguities of the general subject matter.
Thank you for your cooperation

Re: Where's that statement?

Wolf, stop beating around the bush and ask the question you really want to know. Did Matt Steel step down as Head Coach for the Cobras?

Re: Where's that statement?

No, I really had no question I was asking. I was just blowin' Chuck crap for his non-commital statement. I'm sure the decision for the change in the coaching structure for the Cobras was in the best interest of all parties involved.