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Wireless Head Sets ....Great Deal

Great System...I'm posting this here because I know alot of the regular readers also coach High school. This is a good friend of mine letting these go...not positive but pretty sure they were used by the Kane County Eagles...

PortaPhone "Digicom HCx-5000" 5 coach wireless sideline communication system for sale. This set has been a staple on many football sidelines for over 10years and features: 2 DBL ear headsets for press box use, 3 single ear headsets for sideline use, complete open line communications (no buttons to push to talk), hardsided case for transport, all plug-ins needed for charging the battery packs, and several padded replacement mic covers.

The "talk diagram" is: Defensive Press Box/Defensive sideline - Offensive Press Box/Offensive Sideline - Head coach/ability to use toggle switch to change between offensive/defensive channels.

I bought this set about 3yrs ago and have had no problems with their function, though one of our coaches did manage to break one of the parts on a headset mic boom, this is an easily replaceable part and can be ordered & delivered from PortaPhone for under $15 and replaced by the buyer in a few short minutes. Bottom line is this system is as good as new, and needs a home where they can be put to good use!

More technical info on this system can be found here:
Digicom HCx-500

As you can see on the PortaPhone website - this set retails for $3,500 - but I am open to REASONABLE offers and can be contacted directly at to further discuss.

This is a good friend of can either contact him directly or contact me