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From Zebs message board

We have posted that we want more preseason games we have the 23rd and 30th in may open and nobody wants to play. Especially from the MFL or IFL. The real powerhouse conferences has stepped up the the mighty backyard leagues won't.

Coach Sutton

Re: From Zebs message board

Um. Yeah.

The pirates tried to schedule a pre-seaon game with the pathers only to be told it was too late in the season for them.

Remember your response?

" Thanks for inviting us to your controlled scrimmage by that date it will be week five of our regular season already. We are scrimaging local colleges during there spring ball to get our pre season and a 7 on 7 in april. Our regular seson starts May 30th. Thank and best of luck in your league. Zeb Sutton"

May 22 or May 30th will be before most teams in the MFL and IFL will have started full contact practices.

Someone needs to check their ego and get their story straight.

Good luck there Panthers. You now have a lot of people watching.

Re: From Zebs message board

who are you and what team do you represent? I havent heard anything form you about needing a preseason game!

if you need a game post it dont whine about it

Re: From Zebs message board

It is posted. Its under the thread titled "Jay County Panthers seeking May 23rd or May 30th Preseason Game!!!!!"

Re: From Zebs message board

Mr. Sutton

My team would be happy to play you on May 30th. We were looking for something the week of June 6th. But for you I think that we could go a week earlier. Please feel free to give me a call at your earliest convenience, or shoot me an e-mail. I will also find the original post and reply to it so I know that you will read this.

Andy Crisp
K.C. Mustangs

Re: From Zebs message board

MC Pirates,

That is my statement you wanted to play in June go to our website by June we are several weeks into our regular season. Now The Mustangs have a legite date for us and i have emailed Andy about playing. So when we need may games how would a june scrimmage make any sense. Now the Mustangs i appreciate there offer and we are going to try and finalize a game "Because" it's a MAY game !!! Thank You

Zeb Sutton

Re: From Zebs message board

I would like to know what college teams they are scrimmaging. Since it is against NCAA and NAIA rules for a team to scrimmage anyone other then themselves.

PS Zeb is an idiot!!!!

Re: From Zebs message board

Not to start a boom boom POW, this mustang panther business is pretty sweet. Probably be a playoff game instead of pre-season. "Zeb is an Idiot!!!" ha, I know who that cat is!

Re: From Zebs message board

Im gonna go out on limb here and say that noone wants to schedule a game with a team that Zeb coaches for fear that his team wont show up. Hell a few years ago we had a game scheduled with the RC Cougars at their home field and they were a no-show.

Re: From Zebs message board

No one will agree to play you because you will not show up!!!!

Also I have heard thru the grape vine that Zeb has promised all of his players that all of their travel expenses for the year will be payed for. If this is true then why did they not go this weekend. Zeb must have spent the money on something else.

Re: From Zebs message board

I can't believe he would even make such a claim like playing colleges during their spring ball. I wanna know which colleges these are. what an idiot!!