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Semi-Pro Player Profiles

Semi Pro Nation
I run a Free website for Semi-Pro Football players. The site allows the players to Create there own Personal Profile. You can upload pictures, videos, and blogs. It's just a fun site for ball players.

Ken Curry

Re: Semi-Pro Player Profiles

Nice website KEN. I have a question for you. I am with the classic City Crush and we are trying to make our team look my professional, and also players want to put they name out there. Right now we dont have a true website, and I was wondering if me and you can exchange emails, and you could do out website on ur spear time. I will send you the info like stats, and pics, and things like that each week, and you can update it each week. If you have the open time, and are willing. I understand people have other business, and are busy in these hard days/times. But if you could it would be very appreciated. Pls reply to this or email at and let me know what you think or if you can help.

Re: Semi-Pro Player Profiles

Sorry for the long reply. I hope I got to you on my website. If not, you can create a team profile and upload pictures and a schedule. I can give you some info on how to make a website youself, it would be really easy for you to do. Hit me up on my e-mail or on my site.