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MFL Pre-Pre-Season Rankings

Just for fun and to start some actual football related discussion I thought I might throw one of these out there just for fun....

1. AC Patriots- Undefeated champions last year looking for the three-peat.

2. OR Bearcats- Fell just short of the title last year and from the sound of things got a little tougher this year.

3. MC Pirates- After a semi-final run last year, they're out to prove that they're no fluke. This team will be a contender for the MFL title.

4. MC Blitz- This hardnosed team will compete with anyone and has the potential to be in the mix in October.

5. Ind. Cardinals- This team is the dark horse for the '09 season. If they play up to their full potential, they can only beat themselves.

6. WC Wildcats- They rolled with low numbers last year and still gave the best teams fits. If they can put people in pads this year, they'll be back near the top of the MFL mountain.

T-7. WC Wolverines & Ohio Force- Both of these teams looked like they had the talent last year but they each need some key pieces to be in the title talks. Only time will tell.

Re: MFL Pre-Pre-Season Rankings

Thats a pretty fair breakdown but only the season will tell the truth. Good luck to all you ballers out there this season(and you scrubs too! lol)

Re: MFL Pre-Pre-Season Rankings

1AC Pats-Obvious reasons.

2OR BCats-Strong talented unit only getting better.

3IN Cards-right on the verge of bein a top team.

4MC Pirates-extremely hungry team, got all the talent they need.

5MC Blitz-always a tough team, but talents catchin up.

6OH Force-Improving numbers and talent with the folding of the Phoenix, and it seems numbers at practice are well early on, could be a suprise team.

7WC Wolves-Tommie going to jay hurts this squad a lot on and already lower tier offense could be a long one.

8WC Wcats-theyll play hard but dont be suprised to see these guys at the bottom, semipro football kinda lost its interest in the area it seems.