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how many knifes can we take in the back

Let start off with saying this post will piss a whole lot of people off!
I have been a part of this so called semi pro football for about 12 years now. I have seen a lot and done a lot. Won championship games & lost championship games. Made new friends and lost old ones.
One of the many things that I have seen that bothers me is how fast people turn their back on people at this level. A mans word once ment something but not at this level of football. Watching the NFL draft I saw Brian cushing say these words "When I sign my name to something that means something to me". If you give your word to a guy thats all you or we have in semipro football. But to many times you see guys retack and tuck their nuts and run. We call them ring chasers. Guys like Frazier who are all about the shamrock one minute then jumping to the cutters to try and get a ring. All that does is cuase a good man like brent issues. Guys like matt steele that quit on the broncos over and over but yet a good man like chuck still put his faith in him to only have him stab him in the back agian.
Is it worth it to you guys out there that pull this crap. At the end of the Day you guys think you did nothing wrong but you have. Teams are detroyed friendships lost but oh well to you guys right.
Let me ask you this. If you child was sitting in a chair and was watching your life, how would they see you as a person? How about if your wife or girlfriend was watching what would they think.
I have more to say but it wont matter I will be bashed and called names and so forth.
Chuck im sorry to see the team not make it.
Brent best of luck to you, but at some point all these fake people will break your team apart from the inside out.
Mitch you are better off with the people who beleive in you.

Just remember "never leave the one you love for the one you like becuase the one you like will leave you for the one they love". (or for the next fake ass bullshit way to stab you in the back)

Re: how many knifes can we take in the back

The Age of Singularity:

(warning if your a typical no-name poster on this message board stop reading because this post will be Way-Over-You-Head aka to complex for your IQ)

This is name of a social theory, a core of some of the research I've done over the years, and something I have promised to combat. Simply it states that the increase in technology will lead to the decrease in the need for social interaction in a person's daily life. For example, we can now watch NFL games in HD at home vs. going to the real game or we can text message someone to convey information without having to place or take a phone call. The theory's resolution is that we become a slave to technology, sease to desire any social contact outside our wanted world, and all forms identification such as national citizenship fail.

So what the hell does this have to do with semi-pro football. Well I can assume (because I was never there) that back before the internet or before any message boards, that teams relied on word of mouth to recruit, they depended on leagues to form schedules and to find them other teams to play, and playing for one team was the normal. Now with all the information about all the teams readily available and any time, more players in search of what they want (which is usually to be a starter on a undefeated team who wins a championship) are more informed on the daily changes that happen among many teams at once. This leads to the more players moving from one team to another just to walk into something they perceive to be better than to stay and work toward the goal they with to achieve. This is a reason you see a lot more teams pop up in a month and just as quick fail. Players in today's world of instant gratification want to walk into what they want instead working for what they want, and just as soon as they don't get what they want, they leave for something else.

The question is how can you stop this cycle? I believe that while the technology and desire of the players will never change, that it is now, more then ever before, more important to sell not only the chance to play football again as a reason to play semi-pro, but you need to create the atmosphere to keep your players coming back year after year. This can be done many ways, but the goal is to get full buy-in into the TEAM they are joining, the lifelong friends and memories they are making, not the sport they are playing.

Its this buy-in that keeps these small teams such as the crush and wildcats going year after year through the up and the down. The question you need to ask yourself is are you a player on a team, or are you a player for a team. What are you willing to do to show your pride, understand the history of your team, and be willing to go out and battle each and every weekend to keep those things going.

Its getting past the I of Singularity which is often the easy way to take, and build the team of WE which honestly makes us truly feel like WE have accomplished something on our limited time on this earth.

The choice is yours. You can take the I route and be the 1 in 1000s that makes it to the NFL level or you can be a part of the WE where there is a 1 in 9 (or 8 or 14) chance that wins the 'ship.

There are no knifes in the back, just selfish people.

Re: how many knifes can we take in the back

I dont even really know where to start, I will say that I cant take one side or the other because I dont know the full story on said players. What I can say is this, I was never told that Frazier was going to the Rock, from day one I was told that he was interested in playing for the Cutters and when my coaches asked me what I thought about it I told them that if he was dedicated enough to drive all the way from where he is staying to come down to be APART OF OUR TEAM then Im all for it. If you ask any player that has been around our team the one thing they will say is we have a brotherhood, that doesnt mean that ppl dont fight or that foul ish doesnt go on, that just means we act like a family, hell i have real flesh and blood that i dont get along with all of the time, i might say some harsh things about them too, but i can do that because we are in the trenches together and they are my family, right or wrong, so if Frazier joins our team then it will be no different. Foga knows how I feel about him and what has happened with the team and i know it was a combination of things that lead to this and that situation is F'd up as a whole, period. I know the old sayin is a man is only as good as his word and in some cases that may be tru, however how many times have you agreed to somethin out of joy without thinkin it through and then when it settled in you realized that it was right for you? Does it make you a bad man for rethinkin it and doin what you think is right for you even if its not what you agreed apon at first? Better yet are we in essence sayin that all women are bad because the old sayin goes for them is that a woman always has the right to change her mind no matter
but really where do we draw the line, I know there are atleast 6 teams closer to me than the Cutters but i still make that 60mile drive because its right for me, its not about the fact that i told my teammates that i was a Cutter for life, which i am, its more about my love for them and my coaches, but quess what, the moment that those feelings leave then my life as a Cutter is over. I cant be mad at any player that decides to do what they feel is best for them, but on the other hand, if Frazier told someone that he was in and he had thought it over and he was still in all the while knowin that he was goin to do somethin else then yes shame on Frazier, a man is only as good as the work he does and his intentions. Ppl want to come to the Cutters for reasons that nobody wants to give us credit for. Everybody wants to say some Cutters get paid, false, ok ok, i have been bought a fee drinks and maybe dinner by my got, but i was
Trust and believe that the Cutters will go bancrupt before any player or players tear us apart, ppl become Cutters because they are treated fairly and if they dont feel they are they know they can express that to the coaches. I know, and have known, that i can go to Coach Slinkard and say if Bobby leaves its your fault because you did a poor job of using him on O. I can say Coach Shean Harv doesnt really like this about the defense or Nick doesnt and neither do I and know that there are no hard feelings and things get fixed. Ppl think everybody joins us cuz they want to win, hell we are a 3rd year team for cryin out loud and in 2 years we have lost 4 games, i mean ppl act like we just run away with championship after championship, when in reality its not tru, we invite all players that want to play for us to come out and as long as they have no barriers or affiliation with another team then they are welcomed with open arms. I hope ppl dont think that we are out here sellin dreams to these players because we are not, i just wish i knew what all was said by these different players that are so called ring chasers

Re: how many knifes can we take in the back

dre key i hope your not saying your done we will need you.... cant wait to see all the cutters out there wednesday

Re: how many knifes can we take in the back

oh hell no im not done, im sayin the Cutters are the reason i still play where i play, i love you guys and i love my coaches and until that leaves me then im not leavin the Cutters...I have played ball at the next level, not NFL, but AFL 1, and i know a good thing, i know a good place, i know what its like to play for ppl that dont really care about you and thats why i love my team because i know they atleast give a damn. Im there wed bro...

Re: how many knifes can we take in the back

Done for Good, I have no idea who you are, but I am going to respond because you have called out a friend. I don't know where you got your information from, but Frazier is one of the most loyal individuals I have come across in semi-pro and believe me I have been involved for many years. He was an original member of the South Bend Stampede and that is how we met as opponents on the field. Over the years we developed a respectful rivalry and he and several other Stampede players were invited to go to the National Championship game with COL in Florida at the end of 2004, because it was known that the Stampede would not field a team the following year. The catch was these players had to commit to the following season with the Lions. Frazier gave his word along with the other 4 players and traveled with us to Florida. When the next season rolled around, 2 of the guys decided the 4 hour trip to Dayton would place too much strain on them and decided not to play. However, Frazier along with Dinger and Tai Shai lived up to their word and competed the entire season with us in 2005(we lost 3 games and placed 3rd in the MCFL-so no ring for them) and returned again for the 2006 season which ended in a trip to FL. Frazier then told me that the Shamrocks were starting and he wanted to play closer to home-but he let us know right up front. After the season with the Shamrocks, he expressed that he missed playing with the friends he had made over the last several years. He and the guys returned to the Miami Valley Warriors, home of most of the old COL guys and played with us all last year, along with Tai Shai, Dinger, Marshall and Mark Akins. We did not win a championship, but Frazier did not miss a single game and was quick to commit to making the 2009 version of the Warriors better. He and Mark travel to several practices a month and have been to all pre-season games. Despite the fact they spend a small fortune on gas money, they were 2 of the first players to pay their fees in full. Marshall has even moved to the Dayton area to continue playing with the Warriors. You see, what we have here is much more than football and the relationships we have built over the years will last long after our playing days! But to question a man's integrity who has been one of the most dedicated members of this organization and COL for over 4 years is not only insulting, but ridiculous! Frazier is a grown man and does not need me to take up for him, but I felt obligated after all the dedication he has shown to me and my teammates over the years.

Re: how many knifes can we take in the back

I like your style bro, thats the same thing that I was saying, from what I have been told Frazier is an upfront kinda guy and it would take a drastic situation to come along to make him go against something that he said he would do. Good luck to you guys this year

Re: how many knifes can we take in the back

Hey MC Pirates,
You should read "The Singularity is Near" by Ray Kurzweil. It's all about how technology is on it's way to surpassing human intelligence. Difficult to read, but interesting as hell.


Re: how many knifes can we take in the back

truth be told we are all grown men that have homes families and jobs. If that is to hard to deal with I am sorry for you luck. Nothing ever works out the way you want and things always change. You can't predict the future by looking back at the past. Don't blame people you don't know. And don't be another shit talker we don't wanna know.