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Countdown to Kickoff

AS the green returns to the trees, the cars return to the track, and the spring rains start to dwindle, teams and players from across Indiana are making their annual returns back to the practice fields to begin their renewed quest for another season.

Its gut-check time for many...
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Other Updates

Rankings – Yes, the ever-shifting tide of players and lost of 4 teams has already changed our pre-season rankings. Has your team moved up or down.

Indiana Master Schedule – Who is playing who and on what date? Check out the massive master schedule. Only one like it on the web.

Re: Countdown to Kickoff

This is GREAT!

Re: Countdown to Kickoff

Link to the Master Schedule

Re: Countdown to Kickoff

Lovin' the master schedule. This must have taken some time. Good work.

Re: Countdown to Kickoff

Thank you Supa and others for your positive feedback.

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Good luck to everyone on their 2009 season. We will be watching and ranking all season long.