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New IFL teams

ok the season is getting closer~! I am wondering what the teams and players in the IFl think about the new teams added this year and what teams will emerg as the better ones? My teams would have to be the Wolfpack- Really talented and alot of history there! Raiders- are kinnda a question mark. This team could be tough just depends on what they can pull out of the small towns near them! Roster looks good, but have to waite and see on them. Panthers- this team will struggle to even get started! Low numbers will doom this team in the IFL. Gold knights- Descent area they are from, not sure how well they bring in players thou! Kinnda a wait and see he to! Ok thats what i have. I beilve the Wolfpak may end up the front runners of the new teams!

Re: New IFL teams

Wolfpack play the mustangs in week one, that should be a good one. Wolfpack could go in there and steal one from a mustang team that might be over confident.

Re: New IFL teams

wouldnt think that the mustangs would be overconfident seeing as alot of theyre guys now play for the wolfpack and they are only about twenty minutes away from eachother. these two teams should def finish one two in the north. no disrespect to crush or shamrock but also know nothing about the new panther team. in the south i def think the radiers are a team to look at. i think a coupld teams willplay them not knowing what to expect and not necessarily loose but get a much closer game than expected. cutters again have added alot of talent including a very mobile strong armed qb in eric(sorry dont know your last name) but holds damn near every record for football and weights at southport highschool. the generals also have added alot of fire power including theyre own new qb. again dont know to much about the new knights team but has there ever been a really good team out of green castle? i hope im proved wrong. i def beleive the league is stronger this year than it was last year minus a very good underated warriors team that im sure every team is not sad about losing. with that i also believe that the south division will be a lil stronger and come out with the champions yet again. should be a good season. think majority of the teams start around middle of june. i for one will def be at the generals patriots game at arlington highschool on the 27th, dont think there will be a better pre season game this year in indiana than that one. should be a big crowd.