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This Week in INSPF .... June 6

Countdown to kickoff continues with the start of the AFL’s season this Sat. As the state’s only team the Rage begin against the Chippewas. Last weekend was the GMFL’s kickoff weekend and the Great Lakes Wolfpack also the only team in the state, started off with a lost. They hope to break the trend with a win this week vs the Firehawks. We also assume that the GLFL’s season starts this week but with no updates on their league’s website, conflicting reports on the Panther’s Website about with league they are in, we can only guess at best on this one. Can anyone help us out on this one? We know there are panther players on supa.

A host of great pre-season games are on the docket this week, the revamped Crush play the titans, the Bearcats play a former tri-state titans matchup against the Eclipse, and Force will kick things off against the Raiders.

Our message board is up and running and we are updating our newest feature, our fan prediction page. Vote each week for the team you think will win each game. We’ll keep the tallies and see if the fans can out predict the Supa-Fan. We were asked to provide our picks each week and we have decided not to at this time. There is no way we can out-do the Supa.

Rankings and the Scoreboardhave been updated. .


Programing note *** Each week we will try to release a short story. The Date we list will be the date of the upcoming games. So this week starting June 1st will be called This week ... June 6th

Re: This Week in INSPF .... June 6

Hey I noticed you guys dont Rank the Force, I mean I know its Indiana Semi-Pro but we play in an IN league so you'll basicall be covering us all year anyways, no biggy just a thought.

Re: This Week in INSPF .... June 6

The Ohio River Bearcats (MFL) play the River City Raptors (GMFL) of Owensboro, KY at KWC on Saturday night.

Re: This Week in INSPF .... June 6

Thanks Chris for the correction.

Force, We talked about including you in the rankings but if we included you, we would have 3 other teams to include in the IFL, at least 1 other in the NAFL, and countless more in other leagues. If we just included the Indiana Leagues we would be leaving out such teams as the Tornados, Mustangs, and the Great Lake Wolfpack.

To this we decided that you must have a home field this side of the state lines to be included on our site including the rankings. We will continue to post your schedule due to how many games you do play in Indiana. Best of luck this season.

Re: This Week in INSPF .... June 6

There sure are some lopsided polls on there.

Re: This Week in INSPF .... June 6

Wow. Over 70 percent of voters think we're going to lose this week.

If I had feelings....they might be hurt.

Re: This Week in INSPF .... June 6

On the other hand, almost 30% thought you'd win.... I'm more of a glass-half-full kind of guy!

Re: This Week in INSPF .... June 6

I look at it as we are playing solid regional game outside of our league against an improved and undefeated team in 2010.

Semi-Professional Football as a sport is what wins due to the media that covers such games. I just wish more would practice this with their teams.

Additionally for those yet to vote in the poll, I was told by a member of the
Raptors(GMFL) that they were the favorite by 8 from the local bookies in Owensboro, KY.

One thing I have learned is that I don't fear local bookies and internet polls period.

Re: This Week in INSPF .... June 6


Ending a sentence with the word 'period' directly followed by a period seems a little redundant, don't you think?

Just messin'. Let's prove it on the field Saturday.

Re: This Week in INSPF .... June 6

Seriously though, best of luck to the Bearcats this weekend. Hope everyone stays healthy and safe in your travels. See you all in week 1.

Re: This Week in INSPF .... June 6


Thanks. Hope we can make that one a good one too.
You guys play on the 27th?

Re: This Week in INSPF .... June 6

Yes, we have a home game vs the Tri-county Raiders.

Re: This Week in INSPF .... June 6

If it makes you feel any better bearcat, the river city's own league has predicted you as winning.

Best of luck. Go kick some ass.