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This Week in INSPF .... June 13

Countdown to Kickoff continues this week as the Warriors and the Cardinals kickoff their first games of the season. But first, a recap of last week’s action. The Raiders PRACTICED at the Force and found out that numbers don’t equal a win. Due to format of the scrimmage, the scores will not be recorded. The Titans visited the Crush and did some crushing of their own 27-14. The Great Lake Wolfpack fell to the heat of the Firehawks 6-20 and the Bearcats clawed out of a close comeback attempt by the Raptors to win 20 – 18. No scores were reported or could be found for the Rage game and more on the Panthers in a minute.

This week the Warriors travel to play the Great Lake Wolfpack, the Titans travel to the Cardinals, and the Rage host the Stallions. Vote on who you think will win this week at our Fan Prediction Center.

Rankingshave been updated however little changes until everyone start in on the action and the Scoreboard starts collecting big numbers.

Special Comment on the Panthers: We strive to keep an accurate directory for all teams in the State of Indiana as well as help fans and players keep up on the news and scores from each game. News this week of the mysterious switch back to the GIFA left us scratching our heads. In attempting to contact Zeb Sutton to shed some light on the situation for all, our e-mails remain unanswered. So this point forward the Panthers will remain on our team directory but is remain off our schedules and scoreboards and be kept at the bottom of our rankings. We will be glad to restore this team on these features, but an explanation from Zeb will be required.

Good luck to all teams this week