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Team Logo

Just woundering how can our team get our logo on the top of this webpage along with the rest of the team logos. I know our logo is on the M.F.L. website, but I would love to see it here as well. Could anyone help me with this. Thanks,

Mark Wissman a.k.a. "pitbull" #20 Ohio Force

Re: Team Logo

E-mail supa with all the infromation about your team and attach your logo.

Re: Team Logo

Hey pit, I told you I was going to email supa, But I think he already has it on here. I remember seeing it, right now he is cleaning it up and I think that is why its not cycling though the logos.

Re: Team Logo

Thanks "Spiderman" and Raider 57. Just wanted our colors flying with the other teams. TEAM PRIDE!!