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Cmart 26

call me 317-627-3322


Re: Cmart 26

No cant have film on us

Unless you come up and tape it youself...then the first round is on

Re: Cmart 26

Big Dog,

I never heard of anyone having more than one round of a glass of warm milk. You and Hendricks are too old for anything else :-)

Coach Hill

Re: Cmart 26


you gave away my secret..haha

I figured I would get you to buy the first round sometime later...then I would be up 2...

Re: Cmart 26

C Bell,

Mitch already asked for tape. But 'none' do I have. Heck, I'm still trying to get game tape from '99 when we played the Broncos.

I'll say 'hey' to yall on Sat tho- since Ill already be at the fort anyway. ( No, I wont have a camera )


Re: Cmart 26


If we get a few more people out there it will be like the old

I know your prob too old for a camera...but you might be out there with a slab of stone a hammer and a chisel...

Re: Cmart 26

I'm not that daggone old! Well, yeah I am, but stop tellin' everyone!

Re: Cmart 26


Is that milk of a magnesia, or just milk?

Re: Cmart 26


Hendricks, I thought you might be suffering from "Oldtimers" there at first and forgot about me.

Milk of Magnesia... do they still make that stuff? When you said film, were you asking "Big Dog" for some of his old Lawrence Welk VHS tapes?

Good to see both of you guys "Taking it to the next phase" ~ Isley Brothers

Now there s a flshback for ya. That probably makes you and C-Bell want to put on them "Stacks" ya'll know you still got in the corner of the closet.

Now that's a picture for ya, C-Bell with some Stacks and a big "Lincoln Hayes" fro.

Re: Cmart 26

Coach D-

I can't wear my stacks, the fish in them passed a long time ago, and I don't know how to flush the entire shoe down the toilet...

Curtis still has a few old Flip Wilson tapes he watches, but I don't know if like the way he looks at Geraldine...