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Player of the Week Nominee - Scores from Yesterday

We at are starting a new program. Each week we are asking players, coaches, and fans alike to submit Nominees for the Indiana Semi-Pro Football Player of the Week.
Each month, we will randomly select from the Players of Week, one who will receive an Award T-Shirt.
This weekends selection will be consider to be in the month of July.
Submit all Nominees to
All Nominees must have stats to back up their claim as Player of the Week.
All Nominees must be submitted by Wednesday at Midnight. The announcement will be made sometime Thursday.

Good Luck to All!

Scores from Yesterday

Central IL Cougars 41 @ Rage 0
Great Lakes Wolfpack 0 @ Belot Titans 35
Patriots 7 @ Generals 36
Shamrocks 20 @ Titans 14
Cardinals 14 @ Wolfpack 13
Raiders 6 @ Pirates 31
Bulls 24 @ Bearcats 6
Panthers 0 @ Crush 42

Still Need
Tornados @ Fire
Stampede @ Saints

Re: Player of the Week Nominee - Scores from Yesterday

Tornados did not play last night. I had heard the week before at their game that this weekend's game was cancelled due to an issue the Fire was having with their field.

Dave Clawson
Punter/Kicker #1
Indiana Generals

Re: Player of the Week Nominee - Scores from Yesterday

Stampede lost yesterday 24-0 against the Saints refs were not up to par and it still looks like the Stampede are missing a few pieces to the puzzle.

Re: Player of the Week Nominee - Scores from Yesterday

Just a comment.

Perhaps it is a good thing that a potentially “neutral” source is creating a spot for recognition of outstanding play in a football contest. However, I would find it truly amazing if the announcement of such recipients were not greeted with great “anonymous” controversy that has become typical on this board with similar attempts.

Concerning the Pirates and our first actual contest, I must say that there were no individuals that stood “head and shoulders” above any other player in our game. It was a TEAM EFFORT.

While there were some great plays executed by more than several players, there were also some mistakes made by several players. It is an indication that there is still much work to be done. Additionally, it is somewhat unfortunate that in many cases, an offensive “skilled position” player is chosen in these types of subjective endeavors. As such, they fail to address, identify and credit those five unsung souls that do the “blue collar” work that makes it all possible; the Offensive Linemen.

In my opinion, the Offensive Line is the most important “team within a team” on a football club. They are the unit that when they are performing their craft to a high degree of success, few take notice. On the other hand, if an offensive team is not performing well, they are usually the first to see a finger pointed in their direction.

In the future, it is possible that The Pirates may have a player which should be seriously considered for such an honor due to OUTSTANDING effort. In that case, I will not pooh-pooh such a nomination. However, I do hope that players will not forget every now and then to submit the name of a “hawg” that played a significant role in any team’s success.

Coach Hill, M. C. Pirates

Re: Player of the Week Nominee - Scores from Yesterday

with that being said by coach hill, generals game ball should def go to the o line. great game guys

Re: Player of the Week Nominee - Scores from Yesterday

And your Defense. Your defense only gave up one big play and that was at the end of the first half. Congrats on a big win Generals.