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July 11th preseason game

The Noble County Wolfpack are looking for a game on July 11th we can host the game, or if you would like host the game let me know. We would play in Ligonier and we will take care of everthing.

Thanks Coach Marsh

Re: July 11th preseason game

Patriots this is a chance for you to get your game right. Show the IFL and MFL that you still got it.

Re: July 11th preseason game

MFL season starts on July 11. The Patriots will be playing the Force.

Re: July 11th preseason game

I was at the Generals vs. Patriots game sat nite and let me tell you the Patriots don't wanna embarass there selfs anymore then they already have. They are the sorriest championship team I've ever seen play they need help big time. They better worry about getting some better athletes and practice better before they even think about steping out on the field again.