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retiring missing the game

well supa nation ive known ive been done for a while now just up and able to type. to all the ifl teams good luck this year. well last year on my way to practice was hit by a drunk driver that caused a knee surgery. well after 4 surgeries and a metel plate put in my leg i can no longer play the game i love so very much. so to the cutters generals and of course the broncos i will miss you guys. coach slinkard coach rondell foga booker bobby harvey kurt dre key jj i will miss all of you guys best of luck watching from the sidelines steveo

Re: retiring missing the game

man im sorry to hear that you have to hang it up bro, you know we got mad love for got my contact well bro

Re: retiring missing the game

its about time for the cutters to get their own message board cuz i am sick and tired of them using this one likes its their own

Re: retiring missing the game

God damn Stevo....
thats 2 testicular cancers, gun shot wound, knife wound, steele plates,
you are a trooper but you are more of a MESS!!!
take care get better!!! if im missing any fill me in!
Those fat chicks cant help the situation that i know you prefer!!!

stay in touch keep us updated

Best of luck with the recovery and dont ware out your bed.... get a memory foam matteress!!


Re: retiring missing the game

your the best kurt and you have a good memory yes the biggins gotta love em. i do miss you guys i hope to make a few games 317 652 7332 if ya still wanted the number