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Make It Official

Lets make this the I HATE THE CUTTERS official thread on the Supa Fan forum. Seriously sticky this. I know that Haters are needed in this world to make us push even harder. But DANG! Yall are own our nuts so much we might as well put lip stick on ya. For real so for all you d*ck riding,anonymous name posting,good team bashing, I Hate the Cutters so much posters, I want you to post all your Hater Post in this thread. I just wish some of you would post your name so I can look for you. Then I will bust your facemask. HI HATERS

Re: Make It Official

In my experience, the more you respond to the hate the more hate you get.

Just a thought.

Re: Make It Official

It's people like you that are giving the cutters a bad name. Shut up and play ball.

Re: Make It Official

We have no player on our team named Samson, nor do we have any player that has been issued number 22 as of yet, the last person to wear the number quit the team last yr and now lives in NY so please dont think that this person is a cutter