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ICE Lounge (downtown Indy) is showming love to all semi-professional footballers

ICE Lounge (downtown Indy) is showing love to all semi-professional Ballers

This Saturday night, July 11th, (and once every month) the ICE Lounge is unifying the minor league / semi-professional football world.

ICE Lounge is offering every minor league / semi-professional footballer VIP access all night for $5. That's right, aint' no waiting in line - state your name and team name, and if you are on the roster, you are VIP for $5 with drink specials all night long!

So stop all the beefing and seperation. We are all in this together, whether you like it or not.

ICE Lounge is "finally" show this brand of football some love.

Rosters are already in the hands of the ICE Lounge promoters - be there, bring a guest and they are VIP too!

See yal Saturday.