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This week in IndianaSemiProFootball - July 18th

A larger list of games has kept us from publishing early, but so you know we will always post by Monday night. We had a few surprises this past weekend, some that caught all off guard, even supa-fan. The biggest of them all, The Ohio Force, a team made up of two former 1-9 teams, beat the Patriots, last year’s MFL champs, 17-10. The Warriors had a welcome back to the NAFL game losing to the 64 to 14. The Titans lost to the Lions 26 to 12. The Tornados continue their domination with a score of 40 to zip over the Chicago Wolverines. The Wolfpack at the polar opposite continue their scoreless streak with a lost to the Chicago Cardinals 23 to 0. The Stampede broke into their new league with a big win over the Steelers 50 to 13. The MFL opening weekend have the Bearcats over the Pirates 35-13, the Blitz over the Cardinals 13 to 10 and the Wildcats killing the Wolverines 70 to 0. Finally the Wolfpack win over the Indiana Mustangs 21 to 20.
This weekend the IFL opens up among some chaos as the MC Cougers fold one week before the start of the season. Pending no schedule change (the most likely outcome) the Raiders host the Cutters, the Knights face the St. Joe Panthers, the Crush host the Shamrock, & the Mustangs host the Wolfpack in a game that will be the brother vs brother battle these two teams have looked forward to since Jan. The Tornado face the Warriors in the NAFL Indy battle. The MFL go into week two as we will look to see how much the powers have shifted. The Cardinals host the Patriots, the Pirates host the Wildcats, the Force face the Wolverines, and the Bearcats host the Blitz. The titans Host the Mid State Steel, the Plowmen host the Stampede, the Steelers host the Linconway Patriots , and finally the Great Lake Wolfpack face the Illionis Pirates.
Good luck to all the Teams.

Re: This week in IndianaSemiProFootball - July 18th

I forgot to add, the rankings have been updated and we welcome the Stampede into the top 5. We expect some major changes next week once the IFL get into the Mix.
Also the Fan Prediction Center has been updated. Can the fans out-prefect the Rusty Supa-Fan - we will find out.