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NC Wolfpack Open up your playbook

Well I most say that your guy have a lot of talent. I have been at both preseason games and the game against the kc mustangs, what I notice is that you guys come out on fire and then let up. It seems like you are tryin to be a running team instead of more balance, but if you need someone to tell I will your passing game is really good your just dont use it nearly enough. I tell you what that 5 wide set in the last minute would have broke the mustangs back earlier in the game they had no clue.

To much single receiver running with no play action it just open the run blitz. It doesnt matter how many you put on the line you have to put pressure on the Defense and take it off the offense. I didnt see 1 drop pass so wolf pack players that read this tell your coach to believe in you guys at receiver cause you run good route and can catch the ball.

If you guys use more of that passing game you wont be stop... Good luck next week I still think U can win it ALL GO WOLF PACK