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This week in INSPF - Aug 1st

Good Morning Indiana Football Nation

This weekend we were treated to some great games.

In the IFL - the Championship rematch matched everyone's exceptions. A ton of hard hitting and great plays left the Cutters with the win 21 to 18 over the Mustangs.

In the MSFL - the Indiana Titans staged a last quarter comeback but the Stampede who dominated the game stamped out their attempt and went on for the win 27 to 20.

In the MCFL's first weekend of league play, the Indiana Mustangs pull out on top over the Bull 16 to 14.

Scores have been added to the Indiana Scoreboard and the State Rankings have been updated. While there were not much change in the top or bottom the middle of the pack moved quite a bit, as we expect it will all season.

Note*** the Rage from the AFL have folded for the season and we think the Great Lakes Wolfpack have as well from the GMFL

This week's Highlighted games come few and far between. (We unofficially predict a lot of blowouts) but here are a few matchups we are looking forward to.

NAFL & MCFL- Status quos here

IFL - Raiders @ Shamrock may be closest game out of the four

MFL - Wildcats @ Bearcats - Only because they are the only two teams left undefeated. If you don't want to watch a beat down we pick the Patriots @ Pirates - Two teams that stumbled early on, looking to get back on track.

MSFL - Stampede @ Steel - The Stampede are out to prove they can play with the best.

What are you predictions? Think it will be blowout weekend? Vote at the Fan Prediction Center.