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8/01 mfl predictions

Wolverines 0 blitz 50
force 21 cardinals 7
bearcats 28 wildcats 14
patriots 24 pirates 21

Re: 8/01 mfl predictions

Flip that Cardinals score.

Re: 8/01 mfl predictions

Really? 21 points scored on My Patriots Defense? I'll take that as a challenge.

Re: 8/01 mfl predictions

W'rines 6 Blitz 27
Wolverines get 1st score of the season, but the Blitz D won't allow more than 1.

Force 24 Cards 13
Cards need to get healed and the Force will be on the hunt to show the MFL they are still a top contender.

B'cats 41 W'cats 13
The Wildcats are a very good team, but they're not quite the team that Evansville has this year.

Pats 17 Pirates 27
Look for a tough game between two squads looking to show the MFL that they are going to be contenders this season. Home team gets the nod here.

Re: 8/01 mfl predictions

I'm gonna have some fun with this one. I usually don't try and predict these games, but it's all in fun right?

Force @ Cards
The Force were well coached and had solid fundamental play. Nothing flashy or complicated. The Cardinals have a lot of good talent that are still trying to learn to play together, a win would help them out tremendously.
I will have to go with the home team here, 24-22 just too many weapons at their house.

Wolverines @ Blitz
The Wolves are a great group of guys who play for ALL THE RIGHT REASONS, some of us could learn from their attitudes and sportsmanship. The Blitz are struggling a bit with numbers, but have a couple of studs who really stand out. Their D is always tight and keeps them in games when their O struggles. Unfortunately for for ECW, that D will be just too much and the O will find a way to shine. Blitz 32 ECW 8


Wildcats @ Bearcats
While the WCW have been showing the rest of us what THEY have always known, that is, they will always be a force to be reckoned with. Under the leadership of Mr. Rindone and with some added numbers, they are right back at the top of the league and playing stronger than they have in a couple years.
The Bearcats, well they are the Bearcats and seem to have picked up where they left off last year, but just a little deeper. The road trip for WCW will make the difference in this one as the Bearcats will get up early and hold off a late rally from West Central to preserve a 32-28 victory on the river.