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My two cents

Ok, I was awaiting week 3 so O cold get a feel for who's doin what out there. I'm no supa (but God willing, one day I will be..) but I wanted to take a shot at this with a lil help from some birdies of mine from around the area.

Some suprises this year, and some things we expected..but in any's my two cents ( in this economy, it's not worth even that )

1. River City Raptors @ Warriors
The warriors came into this season with extremely high hopes of being “the squad” in Indy, but recent horrid thrashings brought them a does of reality as such as seen.
The Raptors also wanted be a little higher in where they are now this year, but the difference is that that Raptors have been extremely competitive in their 2 losses. Without a few dropped balls, completed pass and one less flag, this team is 3-0.
Look for Tanner (Raptors QB) to have a field day unless the Warriors pass rush can get there, which I don’t see happening. And even in a blitz, the backs can pick up the extra man or two.

Raptors 29
Warriors 14

2. Saints @ Tornadoes
This is gonna be a good one, although I also thought St. Louis may slow down the Tornadoes, but no such happening.
If you’ve seen the Tornadoes, they flat out look unstoppable on both sides of the ball, and have far too many weapons to almost look legal on the field. The chemistry is great and at home, they are indeed one of the best in the country rite now.

The Saints have looked great and suffered only a small handful of bad plays against them all season. Unfortunately for them, the few big plays, 3 of them to be exact, all led to TD’s in a loss to Nashville, and did them in their only loss of the year as of thus far.

As well as they have been playing, I don’t see the streak of good games continuing after the trip to Indy this weekend.

Although this poses a quicker team for Indy to face, the tornado D back field and aggressive D line, plus an O line that provide better protection that a US agent shielding a president from a shoe toss, this one wont be that close.

Barring injuries, it remains perfect for the Tornadoes after Saturday.

Tornadoes 35
Saints 16

3. St. Joe Panthers @ Mustangs
St. Joe has got the heart, that is for sure. They don’t talk allot, don’t brag about what they will, or wont do..they just show up to play. The bad thing is, the total numbers they have is really too small to make much of a difference, expecially in a game like this, seems ONCE AGAIN, the Mustangs are in a postion to prove something – this time – to show everyone ( including themselves) that they can win without Mike Whittaker at the helm.
Let’s be honest folks, no team is one guy, but when the one guy is the caliber of Mike, ask yourself how well the Colts are doing the last 5 years Without #18.
So without kidding ourselves, this one will be a huge game in more respects than one, as we ALL look to see what this team is truly made of..and if the main ingredient has been removed from the recipe.
Mustangs 34
Panthers 6

4. Raiders @ Shamrock
I personally have longed for the day when I could know that Coach Bell-Carter would be winning. I mean, we all saw the numbers they had at the start of last year, and you had the strong feeling by looking at them that they were a simple piece away from putting together a decent puzzle that could win. They have experience and championships amongst them, Mitch, Tracy Shepard and Coach Bell to name a few, but the professionalism they have displayed from the debacle that was on their sidelines last season, it is more business this year. And it has shown in the play as well as the scoreboard.
The Raiders were a team I also rooted for, and as Supa said, they drew an unlucky two long sticks on thier schedule to start the year. Although they play hard, and have better numbers than expected, they are running into a bit of a buzz saw this week.
However, I DO give them a fighting chance if a healthy Sullivan ( One of the best backs in the league at his position) is able to get loose. The key will be to get him going early and find running room on the stingy, aggressive Shamrock D line.
But again, conventional wisdom say that against THIS team, on the road….it aint happenin at the Rock’s house.

Shamrock 27
Raiders 12

5. Cutters @ Crush
This game excites me for various reasons. I have always liked the Crush, and not just because Hoss can’t drink me under the table. It because I like the they way they manage to stick together through some of what goes on, and it’s been a while since the turquoise-greenish blue boys have really won big. Despite rumors that the team will be folding, as you may have read, they have no plans on doing so and when they all play together and don’t self implode, they can be a pretty good squad.
But in come the Cutters, another team who is looking to prove…or should we say… RE-prove something. Face it folks, ALSO despite rumors that the Cutters are this or that..the one thing that IS true is that they are, and remain defending champions of the IFL. They know they earned it, and in a way, I think they like being in the position of “you can’t do it again”.
The lack of respect fuels this team like petrol, and I have to think that this will make a difference.
The Crush would have to run effectively to have a chance, but this will not happen as long as Engleking has the D ready to go.
As much as I would like to see the underdog win as I do in every game I watch , unless I’m playing…I know better than to do that here.
Cutters 38
Crush 9

6. Wolverines @ Blitz

Although much improved on the field, the Wolverines have yet to get enough done to get any dub’s this year, but it is NOT for lack of effort. They never, ever quit, and play the same way at the kickoff as they do until the two minute warning of every game.
One has to wonder how they do it, and there have been points where the game was out of hand, but they stuck to it. Admiration and respect goes to any club that can do this. Its easy to smile when your winning, it takes MUCH more character to keep it together when you're not.

The Blitz is about as simple as it gets when it comes to football. They live by one rule. Hit the other guy in the mouth so hard and so fast that he no longer wants to fight anymore. This rule – if you listen hard at night - you can hear some of their defense whisper it in their sleep and mumble it when they are eating their rusty nails and milk the morning at breakfast.

The issue is their O stumbles, and I suppose if I faced this D guys at practive, I'd be a bit shy also. Granted this isn’t as nasty a D as Raber had in the past, but the philosophy is the same.
This may be a bit closer than many think, and I have a gut feeling had it been at ECW, it could be a possible upset, but again, HFA will help..along wth overall talent.

Blitz 16

7. Force @ Cardinals
I am STILL scratching my head, trying to figure out who the Cards are. Starting off the season, they were scary, but now, it’s a different KIND of scary. If you look at the talent they have, there’s no way they are 0-3. Then you see them in action, and you see just one guy out of place, a Db fall asleep at a crucial time and a dropped pass and then you say “wow..that costs 21 point.” Add that up with the difference of the games, and THEN and ONLY then does it add up.
The Force I think surprised just about everyone this year, except the Force and were riding high until blanked by an undefeated Wildcats team last week.
Nonetheless, this is still avery, very good team with potential to do big things in the league.
If Justin Miller can have time, he, Bosworth and Wilfong will simply play catch all day back and forth from the endzone.

But don’t count the cards out. They are aware that if they are to do anything this year, they MUST win this game against a good team to turn the tide around for themselves and Ma will remind them, be sure of it.
As of now, I was not told if Eric Adams is playing this game at QB for the Cards, but if he is, this one thing could indeed spell doom for the visiting Force.
If he is not, the birds may very well be whistling a song called “ wait ill next year” far too early.

Force -22
Cards -12

8. Wildcats @ Bearcats
I will be at this one, and MAN I am ready. Needless to say, I LOVE defense and coming into this game, the Wildcats have only surrendered 14 total points in three games, and from our stats at two of them, the recorded 5 sacks two fumble recoveries and two int’s.
Large up front and more athletic than most, this team is exactly that..a TEAM. They don’t have a group of flashy superstars, they just get it done. And it’s been a while since they have played like the Wildcats who used to own the MFL, but these aren’t your younger brothers wildcats.
These boys are for real.
The Bearcats are simlar, but not at all the same. A bit bigger that their notredame uniformed opponents, the Bearcats are like a very slow, steady Sherman tank rolling down hill. It takes more than your normal arsenal to stop them, and most of the teams have already learned that if you aren’t sure you can stop them, it’s best to just get out of their way altogther.
Jamison Buck (Bearcat QB) WILL be the difference, and his arm will get the Bearcats into the endzone for the big score early. That will be the only score needed, or achieved, barring a late one by the Wildcat O trying to make something happen. And playing from behind is not what the Wildcat team is all about. Although I see this as a slugfest between tweo top teams, and exciting, as each and evry play , possessions and yard will count, I see this as the MFL game of the week, and the Bearcats getting the 1st win -as rest assured, they will see each other again.
Bearcats 13
Wildcats 7

9. Patriots @ Pirates
If you had a ping pong match, with an octopus with eight paddles, vs a penguin with a waffle ball bat; I’d put my money on the Octo – unless the penguin was coached by Dane Hill.
The Pirates are aggressive on D, and they have started to look pretty good down this stretch..and I actually think they are ready to start swashbuckling for their spot atop the Kings on the MFL hill.

The 1st game against the Generals could’ve done one of two things for the Patriots, and lay down was not an option for them. They got up and have been swinging ever since. The loss against the Force was no joke, but it obviously has woken a sleeping, or should I say, lightly snoozing Giant..and they look more like the Pat’s who have something to play for…and that something is a trophy.
Wayne’s got the D back attacking again, and although the Pirates give ‘em hell, is a peaceful ride back north for the Pats.
Pats 17
Pirates 14

Generals @ Wolfpack

Yes, this is a loaded one, and I wish I could do the Xmen thing so I could be at 2 games at once…but gas allowance ( and a friend who lives in the area ) Will be attending, but I'm the writer, so I get to call it.
The Generals are really, really improved this year, but to be honest, the competition they have seen has been average to not so average. One wonders if they are this good, or have they played to level of the comp.
The D is quick, and coach JT has so much fire and evergy that he himself is almost more feared by the opposing players than the meanest ones he’s got.
What the main difference is a quick strike offense that scores almost quicker that the scorer can change it, and one of the best kickers in the league also.

The Wolfpack, as Supa said, is a great story, and I think they themselves don’t know how good they really are yet.
With Gross, Petre and Shrock alone, this makes for a great addition to any team, but them you add a few vet’s and the chemistry thing going, I can see them in the 'ship.

Hibline (sp) Generals QB is right now, the best in the biz, and with time in the pocket, no one can stop him or the Offense. But again, the Gen’s have not seen a pass rush like Shrock can bring.

Although this is the biggest test the Gen’s have faced thus far, I don’t see it being a serious problem. The question is, can the G-men keep it together when a rare thing like a score happens against their swarming D.

I say they can, but cigars all around for the Wolfpack for a great effort.

Generals 26
Wolfpack 16

That's it for me. I've got to sneak back into work and act like I am writing something pertaining to my job.

Ya gotta love this game!

Re: My two cents

I enjoyed reading this. Very thoughtful, creative, and well researched. I look forward to more like this, hopefully.

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I'll also try to make sure not to hit SEND before Sandy says "Yes, it's proofread." next time.


Re: My two cents

Hey good read. I enjoyed that a lot. Thanks for the props.

Re: My two cents

I agree. It was good reading. Some time and thought went into it. Thank you for your efforts!! Keep it up!!

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Agreed all around. Welcome back Vince and we look forward to your contributions going forward.