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Coach Dennis Green: Take on Gens-vs-Wolves

Reporter: "Coach, uh, four picks against Generals QB and two fumbles. What'd you see about the Generals to shut'em down that way?"

Coach Green: "Naw, well you know, what we did, I mean just well listen. The Generals were what we thought they were!What we thought they were! We heard about them in preseason! Who the hell takes a third game in the season like it's BULL***T. BULL***T. We played'em the third game, everybody played four quarters. The Generals are who we THOUGHT they were! And that's why we took the damn field! Now if you wanna crown'em, THEN CROWN THEIR A$$! But they ARE what we THOUGHT they were and we let'em off the hook!!!

I'm sorry but I thought about this the whole way home and that game took so much from both sides excluding the bad officiating that I had to write this because for us there wasn't very much conversation in our car other than never being in a position of adversity like that again against a good team. I'd play that game again under the same conditions because conditions like that can really test a teams mettle and I was suprised and happy with the end results.
Good luck to The Wolves on the remainder of the season and stay healthy.