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My Two Cents

Well, I want to thank everyone for all the emails and positive feedback. I was glad to be doing this again and love the input.

As for the football, a few MORE surprises, a few 'not so surprises' and injuries..lots of injuries. We pray here that all who are injured get healthy and come back to the field soon, even if just to stand and root on thier teammates before season's out.

Now the games -

Wolfpack @ Cutters

The Wolfpack I think surprised us all with how well they played last week against the Generals. Let me add, heavily favored Generals. They showed no fear and a call or two their way, it’s THEM everyone is talking about. But as it stands, it is no secret now that this is indeed the most dangerous team under 500 in my opinion, and shared by many others. This is the team name now that if uttered, everyone listens..and looks around to see what’s up.
The Cutters as said earlier, are just sort of walking through the IFL season, somewhat quietly, but make no mistake, this team carries a very large and hard hitting stick. Last week the D was as solid as usual, sporting more three and outs than any O.C would like to have put on his O and have the O line running sprints with the WR’s the next week at practice.
You can say whatever you want of players like Engelking, JC, Grooms, because quite frankly, they don’t care. They come out, get it done, go home with the win.
These are still the IFL’s lunch pail men, and until they are knocked off, that will remain to be said. Even if the Cuter themselves aren’t the ones saying it.

Cutters 20
Wolfpack 9

Crush @ Generals

The Crush actually had a decent defensive outing last week, despite the score and we saw a few players ( we don’t name drop until at least 3 games we see the same effort) that really played well. They seem to know what they are doing, and they don’t fall apart at the 1st, or second or even fifth sign of trouble. Impressive was how they too, as some other teams, never quit. The difference here is these boys have talent, and wins are not far off on the Horizon for them.
The Generals got their first real scare this year as the Offense was nearly blanked by a determined Wolfpack team last week. We wondered how they would hold under pressure, and came out with the W, but a game like this after a game like THAT can send a team in one of two directions. One is good and one is bad. Believe it or not, this team is still trying a bit to gel with all of one another, and although as strong as the big simply cannot MAKE chemistry with players that are new playing along one side another. But yes, they have done a dayum good job so far, the Glue being J.T and vets like J.J, Cameron, and Douglas.

However this week will not be one of the weeks they need to worry about that, but in the upcoming weeks, it will show in a much larger way.

Generals 34
Crush 6

Mustangs @ Shamrock

Yes, I get to go to this one, and I have heard Mitch let’s the popcorn stay fresh at the concessions, so I will have me a bag.
I absolutely LOVE the Shamrock D and am really starting to think they have got something going up there. Believe me, this is a young team,. but with Vet’s like Jenkins and Clark along the D line, they can bring a real nasty meeting together in the Opponents backfield, and they do it all day long.
The DB’s stay disciplined and the LB’s are solid and it truly looks as if they are ready to make a move and stay atop the heap.
The Mustangs proved that they can indeed win on their own and also proved that even though there IS an I in Whittaker, the word team is absent of it. A solid, and spirited outing last week has them feeling high and good amongst them selves and back up. Fry and Sassenella tag teamed at QB to make up for Mike’s absence, and how. It appears the Fry is the pure pocket passer, while Sassy- Sassenella with use his feet and arm. But one thing is sure, BOTH have the endzone as goal and do it well. The defense is also very solid and when you have a guy like Hile shutting most of the airways, it makes it easier on the rest of the D. But Hile alone was not the only one in the D, as we counted 7 picks last week.
Not bad.
This has been one of the tougher ones to call, but the Shamrock D line will be the difference, shutting down the run, both RB and QB types, and make it hard for the Mustang O. They post a D that has given up barely over 8 pts per game and prove hungry and pass rush happy.
I love the ‘Stangs, but not in the W for this week as the Shamrock get their biggest win of the year thus far.

Shamrock 17
Mustangs 13

Raiders @ Panthers

Win or loose, this game is about pride. Knowing they are not quite there yet, the Raiders had come into this season truly wanting to climb to the hang around with the elite of the IFL. But with the schedule they got, it can easily look like they are not at all near this.
Don’t look so fast.
This team actually has some talent and they do play together. Primarily a running team, the play the clock game and there’s a purpose there’s no hurry to get to the endzone. They are a true grind it out squad and although they have not had a chance to do it yet, they are a good team in the making. As said last week, a healthy Sullivan and coming together O line makes for a good time for them down the stretch – if they stay healthy, get their QB back and stay together, this team could indeed upset one of the bigger boys in an early playoff round if anyone falls asleep on them.
What can be said about the Panther’s? They are a new squad true enough, so not much was expected of them from the 1st kickoff of the year; but they have shown signs of life at times. They are another running team, but don’t have the tools to do it for 4 quarters against any of the premier IFL’ers. What they do have is a large backfield-QB and A WR/Db #5 (no roster info on who this young man’s name is) who has made a play almost every game we’ve seen him.
We all remember the humble beginnings of the Cutters, who were once a new squad paying dues much like this team. Well, this team is similar, that when word in the Sturgis area gets out and a few more athletes come around, this will be a squad to be reckoned with.
Stay together boys, ask the Cutters, it’s not how you start the race, it’s how you finish.

Raiders 28
Panther 12

Pirates @ Wolverines

The Pirates played very well last week, but again, it WAS the Pat’s they played, so WELL usually isn’t well enough to get the W there.
What was seen though was a very determined D-fence that played well enough to win, despite a big play or two. In fact, their Defense actually came up with the points to save the shutout last week.
Now injury riddled, the Pirates will need to put together a game plan to get through the season and stay near the top until some key players return to line up. Helping is a dangerous, hard hitting and experienced Defensive backfield with Adams and Bowman ( a great DB-SS tandem ) and a very imaginative Offensive play caller who will always call a few things you don’t expect.
When executing right, they are very, very good to say the least.
The ‘Rines, although at home may play better, will be facing a very angry and determined D and as usual, a well prepared Dane Hill.
Both of those spell a bad week for them, even at home.

Pirates 29
Wolverines 0

Blitz @ Force

The Blitz opened up a can last week as I had thought the offense had fallen asleep for the year. Mistake #1 for me. I didn’t think they were going to run all over they way they did last week, so it was unexpected how well the O played, of course with turnovers and assistance in field position from the D..they cruised.
Running game was on point and they truly appeared to be on a roll, but it was against a tough, but many times, out of position D of the Wolverines.
The Force were just plain shocked in a great game up in Ft Wayne the week before as it was unanimously thought here that they would roll but they left the defense at home. Although the O played well throwing the ball, mistakes cost them at the end.
If they can correct what went wrong, they are still a great team..but it’s a case of how prepared they will be in this week of practice.
These are two teams that are getting better every week and teams that – if they stay healthy - no one will want to see either of them come playoff time.

Blitz 16
Force 21

Wildcats @ Cardinals

Ok, I am going to say it..Pay no mind to what happened in Ohio last week to the Wildcats. If you were there, you know that that simply was not the same team we saw in weeks1-4 and thise who don’t realize it will pay later. Granted, more to say about the Bearcats in the next segment that contributed to the outcome of that game, but I guarantee they will have this ship righted come practice.
Last week, turnovers, mistakes and just looking so – unwildcat like was the story. This week, they will be back to regular form and although stunned, they will rebound and rally around themselves to play better and stronger. If they can keep it on the ground and let that Big O line do what they do best, (plow holes in the D and give time to Landry ) the end-zone will be within their reach. If they get down early again, as said before, that is not what they are all about.
I don’t know how they did it, but Ma, Jim and the Martin boys pulled together to get a hard fought win against the Force last week for the Cards.
A 4th Qtr TD was the difference along with the D holding off the last surge attempt by the Force to secure a win.
Now getting healthy, this could be a squad in the ship if they can get the D issues together, and we say it again, If Adams plays, this team is dangerous.
This is another one of those good games that so many want to know the outcome of as it happens, as both teams want the W badly.
Bu the Card’s have shown that when their feathers are against the wall, they bear a pretty good claw.

The consensus here is to go with the Cats, but I think the birds fly away with a close win.

Cards 17
WildCats 16

Patriots @ Bearcats

HERE WE GO!!!! I am the ONLY one who won’t be here, and I have to say, I hate rock, paper, scissors, spock, kirk, scotty now more than ever!
PS, always go with Spock.)

No one told the Bearcats last week that it was not October 31, because they looked dayum scary! Every aspect of them looked great and they were indeed hyped as they came out on the field. I don’t think I have ever seen them like that even in pre game cals. From the sideline, the look in their eyes was just short of fire and brimstone..and again, that was before kickoff. Booker and Tieken were in the backfield more than the Wildcat Rb’s and in the games we’ve seen, Booker doesn’t appear to be blockable. We will see if he matches up against #76, (name needed from roster, Wayne) The Big OL for the Pats.
Speaking of the Pats, did anyone think they were going away? Not likely, folks. Despite the fact that they are the MFL’s New England Patriots, the Pats are now starting to turn that corner that is getting them the right to cast the cold eye at anyone who dares look their way.
Their QB (#4) Is getting better (if that’s actually possible) at staying in the pocket under pressure and moving around-playing near mistake free ball. Although you will see a pic at times, he is learning to chuck it away or eat it in lieu of trying to make too much happen as was the case early in the year, and let that ravenous D get on the field to do what they do best; and that’s get the ball back to the O in good field position.

Special teams will make a difference in this one, as field position will be more important come the 4th qtr.

I can’t see this being a runaway for either team, and I also expect a decent show of fans down there this week. Home field advantage usually doesn’t bother the Patriots at all, as they almost seem to thrive on it, but I think it will help the Bearcats.

We actually arm wrestled for the right to call it, and yes I lost, but if you saw my bro’s guns, you’d know I didn’t have much of a shot.
Yet n’ still, I want to so BADLY go with the Champs..but I’m feeling the Sherman tank still rolling at home.
Forgive me Wayne.

Bearcats 14
Patriots 10

Added note..Help me help you**

We would love to give shot outs to players direct names, but when we got to some games, programs including rosters have not always been available. If your team wants to make sure when we call out a player ( and we only do so if its for a positive or informative purpose) please email a CURRENT roster to Please include names of players who are injured also and any status you can give is also welcomed.
Also, include who YOU are and what position you have with the team, as all names will be verified before we post any information.

Well, that’s it..I’ll lturn it over to Supa and let the real men take ova. Me, I’m gonna go make a quiche. Yeah, a quiche! I’m in control of my wife told me I was - for this week anyway.

You gotta love this game!

Re: My Two Cents

Good call vince on bearcats and pats game in fact good call on all the games.I with u and most fans just dont think bearcats can be beat down on the river. I also made a three hr. trip to game last week the look on thier faces was what you said scary,i wanted to yell hide the women and children!! They came out on fire and never stoped.Can't wait till sat.i will be there again. Game of the week for sure!!! Good luck to both teams,make the fans proud like you always do. I think we will have a new champ this year and they will be from down on the river.Sorry pats.

Bearcats 21
pats 7

Re: My Two Cents

I appreciate all of the great support for me and our team, but i just wanted to inform you that i am/have been out for the season.... torn ligaments in right wrist. not sure on a return date but if the team goes deep like we all expect then i better get ready to go!! (i played in the 1st game for eligibility) and havent since. im a week and a half out of surgery and am dying to play the wolfpack and the generals

Kurt Engelking 36

Re: My Two Cents

Vince thanks for the words you seem to have it right the team will win out and will destroy the wolfpack on Saturday the cutters have only lost once in the two years they have been in the IFL and that was a game that 7 starters didn't play. The Wolfpack will be added to the list of those who were embarassed on Saturday night but I will have to disagree on the score you predict the cutter D WILL NOT ALLOW A TD
Kirk get healed the team will do fine in these games while you are out.
Cutters 7-0 cream of the IFL and nobody can stop that

Re: My Two Cents


Good luck to you and your safe on the trip down. I know its going to be one hell of a game tomorrow and I cant wait.

Re: My Two Cents


Yes, we were aware. The reason we mention you as a leader is that from what we see, you are an extemely passionate player and your teammates feed off of you. ( as well as others ) We also are aware of your abilities ON the field ( that shoe string INT in the Championship game two years ago in mind)and many reacent plays since.

We all here wish you a quick recovery, as to all players - IFL, MFL and to my wife, healing from dealing with me the last two years.


Re: My Two Cents

Cutter: Frankly I understand that you love your team or are a great fan, But you are possibly the most single minded poster on this site. The cutters yes are the Top Dogs right now, IFL champions, undefeated outside of 1 loss, Numbers and Sponsors. But look at the Fact, The cutters Scored 28 Points on us, Not the 50+ that everyone predicted, The Wolfpack Threw up 44 points on us, and you think they Cutters are gonna blow out the PACK? Just a dumb thought, This will probably be the game of the week, hard hitting, defensive game, But a blowout it will not be... So please just realize that the cutters are not the end all to football. They Will lose some time, this year, next year, two years, down the road, I dont know, But no one stays undefeated... So thanks for annoying me...

Re: My Two Cents

JC......whats up buddy. I have to say, I am not looking forward to the drive time down there, but this is the one game that I wanted to play away. I want to feel the cutter experience at home, lol I am looking forward to a great game against you guys, see you tomorrow night on the field.

Gross #19

Re: My Two Cents

u kidding me J.J the only glue he brings holds in his teeth

Re: My Two Cents

yeah im just glad you guys are making the trip. Its only fair...we made the trip twice last year. :) I cant wait....we are so fired up its crazy. This is why I play football. Games like this.

Re: My Two Cents


If you can commit to making these calls each week, I am more than happy to keep them at the top of the board. Let me know and I would be happy to facilitate.

Re: My Two Cents


You even have it here - where I everyone can see me promise to cordially put my foot in my mouth each week!


Re: My Two Cents

Pretty good week for you, there Vince. Way to go.

Re: My Two Cents

Pretty good week for you, there Vince. Way to go.