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Well worth the anticipation (Bearcats&Patriots)

From the sidelines, it was hard to watch. Being a recent Bearcat myself, I knew that this team this year had it in them to play 4 quarters tough. My hats off the the Patriots and their strength to keep along side with the Bearcats. It was honestly a shoot out on who was going to put the points up next. The Bearcats looked flashy and clean on most of every play while the Patriots had consistent stride. Awesome plays both defense and offense made this game well worth everything that was left on the field from last season. It's safe to say that when the Bearcats/Pats meet up there will always be a great game. Wanted to say it was great to meet Wolf and Chris #5, both great guys. Thanks to the patriots for their long hall down south on the river! Keep strong, see you all soon again!

To the Bearcats! I can't point out one person tonight, it was done as a team. No touchdown was created by one man, but multiple men allowed it to happen. Great display of teamwork and bet all your asses you keep it up, nothing will bring you down! Great job men!

Cookie once said, "To be the man, you gotta beat the man"..

To Chris #5. See you next year man.. btw, that was never a first down... haha later all.

Nick Wahl

Bearcats 32 - Patriots 30

Re: Well worth the anticipation (Bearcats&Patriots)

I hate that I had to leave early but Pats #3 peed on our pylon too. I don't really care. In fact I knew it was coming. He burned us on a pass. Good play man. We will see you guys in Decatur soon enough.

Re: Well worth the anticipation (Bearcats&Patriots)


Wait until you see what I start doing over this five game road trip at venues throughout the MFL....

Re: Well worth the anticipation (Bearcats&Patriots)

ya good game bearcats it was a shoot out just like i said, the game came down to a coulpe key plays an was the QB's game plan to hide his speed wtf he took off in the end of the game. 47 i still hate blocking you, you always make me look like a fool. hope yall travel well peace

Re: Well worth the anticipation (Bearcats&Patriots)


Our QB Buck is the slowest looking fast guy in the world. I think it has to do with his haircut.

And hey, I still hate trying to fight through you guys every play. It makes for really bad Sundays and Mondays.

We do get to tour the state for 5 of the next 6 weeks so we'll have to be road warriors. Every team is just that much tougher at their place and the second time around. I don't think the Pats and Cats will ever have a game that isn't a dogfight.

You guys stay healthy and good luck.