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"RIGHT NOW" Score/Game Updates

How often have you been sitting at your game, thinking about the other IFL-MFL game up the street or across the state and wondering what the score was? Well, don't admit it or your coach will kill you for lack of concentration, but we all have done this.

Well, Some minds have thought it was a good idea to get this done so no more wondering.

We have set up a text line that will be available to all teams who participate in it.

If you want to be apart in this, your team will set up a RELIABLE person who has a ready cell phone available at all games ( with one alternate person in case of emergency or circumstance.)

On game days, this person simply text the score of his game into the main number after each QTR.

Out of all participating teams, it will ultimately be the home teams responsibility to make sure this simple task is done.

As received, a text is then sent from the main line out to ALL participating teams, giving out the scores of all incoming texts.

This then can be shared by word of mouth or even broadcast if A PA is available, such as Mike for the 'Stangs (sorry to name drop, Mike, but you do it well, might as well geta prop, right?)

Please send any interest to
No actual phone call need to be made, and the text will be received to your team rep/phone from a private line.

We can begin this week when each team sends in the info to the email address.

Also, you may ask any questions about how this will work a the email or here.

We thought this would be a good idea to make sure we stay alerted, and you as players/coaches fans will also know what goin on, WHEN it's goin on.

You gotta love this game!

Re: "RIGHT NOW" Score/Game Updates

So far, four teams have expressed interest..three from the MFL, one IFL.

This will be more welcomed as playoffs and seeding begins..But will not be available if the majority of teams don't get involved.

C'mon, C'mon!


Re: "RIGHT NOW" Score/Game Updates

OK guys... Were running out of time for this week. We have a few teams in but still awaiting from ther bulk of you.

Remember, if we don't have enough willing particpants, we cannot do this for the ones that are.

So if you have sent in your email, and know of a team member or coach/owner from another squad, talk to them and have them send in the email ( if they have not already done so ) so we can get this coordinated for this week.

You may also respond here if you have a concerns/questions or bribes to me ( jk ) about how this will work.


Re: "RIGHT NOW" Score/Game Updates

This is a great service, I hope many of you take advantage of it.

Re: "RIGHT NOW" Score/Game Updates

This is Laurena, I help with Vince and the other guys.

A few remaining hold outs of the score updates were just sent an email. I am bumping this post to let you all know it was indeed from Vince.

We still need emails from 4 home teams this week. If we get thie info in now, we can still do this for this weeks games.

Special thanks to those teams who already sent in your information!


Re: "RIGHT NOW" Score/Game Updates

I sent the e-mail. The KC Mustangs are in there.
I missed the post initially but I am caught up now. Thanks for the props Vince. I am not that good but damn do we have fun.