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Midterm Grades for the Midpoint of the Season

Well fans, its that point in the season again. We are half way through Semi-Pro Football here in Indiana. It always arrives fast doesn't it! I though I give a stab at a Mid-Season Review, try my hand at breaking down the action of each league and grading each team (in indiana). So here we go.

Interstate Football League
Wow, what a mid-point thrill we have going on this league. What started out with some rocky scheduling has turned into a 3 way tie for first place. Needless to say there will be some blood to pay in the playoffs. Another great year so far in this one.

Crush: C- This team each year tries, and each year thinks that this is the year things will change. Well one this has changed, the Crush won't see a 0 in their win column. Prediction 2-5

Cutters: A- Once again the cutters are proving to be an unstopable force in the IFL. Their lost collumn will not however remain empty. Their are three teams capable of bring this team back to earth, but who will that be and when? This weekend? In the playoffs? Prediciton 6-1 Will be in the Championship Game and it will be in B-town.

Generals: A Can you say we told you so. It looks like the last breath of the dragons hot air has risen the stock of the generals greatly. Their play has been great but their opponets have been not so much. The test comes this weekend. Why will this team overcome the cutters? A better, class act organization without the Supa-Fan mouth. Prediction 7-0 Will be the Champions.

Mustangs: B As much as this team has always been the team, I still believe that last years split with the wolfpack may have slowed down the horse, yet, even a bit slower, this team has been and will continue to be a force to be reckoned with. Prediciton 4-3

Shamrock: B+ Undefeated and surprised many with their play, altho no one is shocked from Elkhart. They have a big test in from of them however, and that is to prove to everyone that their play is not a product due to lack of opponent Strength. Thats the danger here. Prediciton 4-3

Wolfpack: B The best 1-3 team in the region, not just the state. This team has taken off for a first year team. Their schedule was by loaded top heavy. Now is the time for this team to take off. Prediction 4-3 Darkhorse Pick of the Year

Raiders and Panther - will be included in our site stats starting next year.

Midwest Football League
The league lost two teams from a year ago, and I believe that is why you have the free-for-all that happening in this league right now. With the exception of the Bearcats 4-0(5-0) and the Wolverines 0-4(0-5) the rest of the teams are 3-2 or 2-3. The Bearcats are really just one win away from securing the championship game at their house, who will join them is the big question.

Bearcats: A This team has been ready to play since their lost to the Patriots a year ago. Since they've had one goal, host the MFL Championship on their terms. With the tri-state Titans folding into the mix, this team has been unstoppable. The wildcats slowed them down, the blitz caused a bump, the Patriots almost shot them, but I see no stopping the Bearcats, like the great Ohio, they will just keep on rolling. Prediction 10-0 Champions

Blitz: C The blitz are your average MFL team. They play hard nose defense, play great at home and have a hard time traveling on the road. Their wins will be down this year but their style of Defense never will be. Prediction 3-7

Cardinals: C+ I've said it before I think there are two Cardinal teams in Fort Wayne. There is the team that has beaten the Force, and there is the team that lost to the Pirates. Which team will come to play each week has yet ot be determined. Prediction 4-6

Patriots: B+ An unusual start for this team showed that the Patriots are not the MFL gods they proclaimed to be. Yet, they are still winning games. Their biggest game of the year are when the Bearcats come knocking at their place. It will set the tone for the playoffs for both teams. Prediction 7-3 Championship Game

Pirates: D An unexpected start will lead to an unexpected finish for this team and sub-par is the result. The tone coming from the pirates that with Dane Hill this team was unstoppable. Well the Bearcats, Wildcats, and Patriots all had something to say about that. Sure this team will continue to beat the ok teams, but will they will against a good team? Prediction 4-6

Wildcats: B+ What a start to the season. 3-0 got this team feeling good but then they starting to play with the big boys. I am not all down on the wildcats tho, they have turned things around from a year ago. Will this be a repeat of their golden year, no. Are they dangerous with 10 more players. Oh yes. Prediction 7-3

Wolverines: D Again every league needs a team like this one. One with character and no quit. The lost of 2 teams from last year found this team at the bottom of the league. Prediction 0-10

Force - will be included in our site stats next year

Mid-States Football League
Welcome to the third largest league representation in Indiana. It also has the Hoosier Division which is the worst division in the league. One of the three teams is fighting to get into the playoffs, the other two are fighting to keep alive.

Stampede: C The team moved leagues this year to compete, they split they come back together and they are now losing more than winning. Can the Stampede win on the road or has the move to the MSFL to much for this team to handle. Prediction 4-4

Steelers: D- Winless with three games left, I don't see one in their future. This team is small in and near the Chicago Semi-Pro Market, the growth isn't there. Prediction 0-8

Titans: D+ They picked up their first win of the season, so they have at least broken the streak. I would think that if it wasn't for the Cardinals pre-season game, this team would have a win or two more. Two short on players this year. Prediction 1-7

North American Football League
The national league, yes there is travel, yes there is money, yes there is two teams in Indianapolis. They represent the best and the worst of the NAFL.

Tornadeos: A+ There is not a better team in Indiana, the Midwest, and on their way to prove for the second time the nation. Predicition: 11-0 National Championship Game

Warriors: D They lack the players to complete at this level of play. Mostly because there are two teams in this league in this city, not to mention the other 3 teams in the area in other leagues. They try and their owner means well, but this team dosn't have the fight i could in another league. Prediction: 1-10

Great Midwest Football League
Yes another big league with one lone representative team in Indiana. This league starts its playoffs this weekend and Indiana will be left out in that.

Great Lake Wolfpack: D- They finshed the season 0 - 10 including one forfeit. They made it though, and like last years score they will probably be around again next year.

Mid-Continental Football League
Like the GMFL, this league only has one team in Indiana, and this league is the opposite of the last, starting late in the season its week 4.

Indiana Mustangs: C+ Its hard to place this team right now. With a 1-3 record and no real research on them, its hard to say at this point what their season will be like.