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To all the Mustangs, I want to congratulate you on a well played game last night. Your team and your organization are all a complete class act. I now know why all my players look forward to playing you guys every year, it is easy to understand when you get a group of guys out there playing their guts out and playing to win, and while doing so exhibiting total class the entire time. We "The Raiders" are a first year team, and are trying to build a system and organization that we can all be proud to be a part of. You have that in place and should be very proud to be a part of it. The score was not indicative of how we would have liked to play you guys, but I am thankful that other than the one injury to our center, we were all safe and sound after the game. Good Luck to you all the rest of the season, and should we happen to meet again, we will look forward to giving you a much better game this time.

Stay safe, Play Hard, and walk off the field winners every week regardless of the ending score.

Sid, you are a riot to listen too, and we appreciate your recognition last night.

Coach Naegele

Re: Mustangs

Thanks for the props coach Naegle. Sid doesn't do the announcing. He is on the side line dodging all the barbs I throw his way over the PA. I will admit though he is a great sport and I consider him a good friend.

The Raiders are a team that exceeds the level of "rookie team" status. Your quarterback took a lot of hard hits and got up after each one. Plus my son played 2nd string o-line and d-line last night mentioned that the Raiders were very competitive but didn't hestitate one second to recognize a good hit on our part or offer a hand to help him up. That is how we define class.

My only hope is that all teams in the IFL and all leagues learn that we play the game because we love to and the bs that is going on by all teams, including the Mustangs as of late HAS GOT TO STOP!! Men with nothing but class like Mike Whittaker, Billy West, and Jeremy Sassanella are getting seriously injured playing this game with class and intensity, while idiots are fighting over some really child like actions. Notice I said child like. We all act childish at one time or another but child like because "someone took my ball" or "he called me a mean name".

The Raiders will be making some noise in the IFL next season, there is no doubt about it. Plus the St Joe Panthers are a few players away from the same. And the Wolf Pack are already upsetting the IFL apple cart. But just as important to winning games is something all of these teams have now and some of us lost sight of. Class.

Mike Kemper
KC Mustangs

Re: Mustangs


Sorry for the mistake. I knew it was you announcing and not Sid, I mean we stood on the sidelines and chatted for ten minutes for god sakes. I hate it when that happens, but I am getting old so there has to be some kind of excuse there for me some place. I agree totally with your comments. We have tried very hard this year to establish ourselves as a class team, not saying there haven't been incidents because there have, but we have learned and grown from them and become a better team for it. Panthers are as you said just a few players away from being a very good team. We are in the same boat I believe, we are competitive, but not quite to the level of being capable of beating any team we play. We play hard, and we play to win while doing everything in our power to remain good sportsmen and show class. We want our fans and home town to be proud of what we are building, so your words are very encouraging. Good Luck to you, and We all enjoyed the Barney barb to the Ref's. Good Stuff there.

Coach Naegele