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The Generals and Cutters - bigger perspective

I will say first, I was at the game, and saw a great game.

I don't get to come to many games due to what I do, by a friend was bragging about it so bad, so I came and brought a few people with me as well.

We drove quite a way to see it.

As mentioned I saw a great game on the turf....
But I did see some things I did not like.
During the game, players blatently disrespecting coaches and in some cases; one another. So loud, in fact, it was heard in the stands.
Yet these same players were trying to hi five the guys they were yelling at AFTER the guy made a play.

I did not see these same players say anything when it was they who made an error, it may have been but if it was, it was not nearly as loud as the comments made when angry.

I know in the heat of a game, tempers flare, at any level. But if you can't control it so that you look or sound like an unpaid T.O, you're using energy you SHOULD be using on the field with your mouth instead. At times, this game was like watching day care at my 8 year olds playroom. ( Mind you, only a handful of players we saw were doing this, but it was the same ones all game, more than once.)

I won't say which team was doing it, as I had no direct favorite in the game, but hopefully; the players who are reading this know who they were and knew it was just plain UN-professional.

If they don't, truly, shame on them.

There were a few players that played very well, well enough to possibly come to another level or at least try. From when I went fromm one sideline to the other, both coaching staffs were doing well, very intense.

We didn't see the ruckus at the end, but trust me - players-

If you are thinking about coming to the next level, you should always conduct yourself in the best possible light because you never know who is watching when you do well, or when you act foolish. And also trust this, it gets noted when you do either.

Much luck to all the teams in this league for the rest of the season.

Re: The Generals and Cutters - bigger perspective

Be thankful you did not see the rukus at the end it was uncalled for and dis-respectful to the league and fans there is no place for such action and no excuse for such actions my 6 year old saw the fight and he nows does not want to attend anymore football games I hope that changes but if it doesn't I want to say THANK YOU to the CUTTER coaches who left the field while the game was still in progress for giving the game a bad image for a young child who until then had enjoyed football games and a HUGE THANK YOU TO SID the league PRESIDENT for his and the leagues fast action and handleing of the incident

Re: The Generals and Cutters - bigger perspective

Let It Go Already...geesh