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Thank You Generals

First off! No real Cutters are making any excuse for the game. We lost bottom line as we did last year and pulled together.

So to the Generals!!! I want to say thank you for that lost. I have prayed that we all come together as one with our current team; and (NOT) live off of our past hype and (HIGH HORSE). Sat was the answer we needed. I believe if we would have won that game this past weekend we would have lost in the playoffs, because the fire was not in us. I saw the pain and suffering in our players after the game, and this is what we needed for motivation.
When you are on top, Success looks normal, flat or boring (i.e. yankees, patriots, Tiger woods, ); but when you are on the bottom SUCCESS can drive a team to Greatness.

So once again thank you, for saving our season.

Re: Thank You Generals

I wish I could remember who quoted the very same thing that you are mentioning from the "85 Bears.

The 1985 Bears were undeafeated 12-0, and I am almost postive they had already produced the Super Bowl Shuffle because they were so cofindent that they could not be defeated. As ironic as it may be (because of the undefeated '72 dolphins), the 1985 Miami Dolphins came into Soldier Field and spanked the Bears 38-24 in their house.

The guy from the Bears was explaining how that saved their season and probably never would of won the Super Bowl if it wasn't for that "lesson learned" defeat from the Dolphions.

Agreeing with what Coach JT explained in another post, I really do not think we (Generals) have even came close to playing to our potetial and I hope we do get to that point. I just hope we don't need that reality check that the '85 Bears got to get there. I also know that the 2009 IFL Champions are not going to be "Paper Champs", it is going to be a season to remember with alot of teams in the running. And please don't let the Wolfpack fly under the radar, that teams potential scares the hell out of me!

(Coming off 8 week Injuried Reserve This Week! )

Re: Thank You Generals

6 weeks later from original post.

I would like to thank the Generals team. If it had not been for you guys we wouldn't be here today.

Thank you gentlemen for that tail (SPANKING) you made my season. I will see you SATURDAY personally.

p.s. Barry Grooms #90

Re: Thank You Generals

Barry, Your Welcome! We must be really awesome not only did we get our team to the championship, but according to you we also got your team there. Now that is an accomplishment! It is too bad only one of us can win, and the funny thing is we will be responsible for that, also. Have a safe trip up, and I can't wait to see you PERSONALLY on saturday. Oh, by the way these posts don't scare us.

Re: Thank You Generals

the posts are not meant to scare you. they are actually thanking you for giving the cutters motivation. If you wanna think your team is god-like and somehow got the cutters there as well then your mistaken.

This whole post is about how the generals beating the cutters brought the best out of the cutters and "brought their heads out of the sky". This week will be an interesting one and lets keep it that way without the bs that normally shows up on here.
Best of Luck to Both Teams and put on a show!!!
Make it worth it for those who count... the fans!


Re: Thank You Generals

Not only did it bring out the best in the cutters it also brought out the beast in some of the cutter staff
yes this week is going to be an interesting one to say the least I only hope you guys don't run the score up on the generals to much
This game is going to be a fun one with all the things that made the first one in Aggust so much fun. You all have a safe trip up to Arlington and yes lets keep the BS to a minimum glad that we were able to provide you with the motivation that you lacked before August the 15th and very happy that it has carried you to the championship game. Must have really sucked to not have anything to play for until you got beat.

Re: Thank You Generals

Gl this saturday.Hope everyone makes it to the game saturday and you play your best.I know we will be ready to play regardless of motivation or not.

Re: Thank You Generals

Good to hear from you Kurt. Hope to see you on the field Saturday. First off, I was partially being sacrastic, but if you guys want to use this as added motivation go ahead we want your best effort because your going to get ours. Secondly, there was no need for the second thank you because Mr. Grooms already thanked us on aug. 17th. This was a stupid little post to "scare" us by showing the king is back and now we are in trouble and to get a reaction out of us. Well, you got one so take it how you want. Lastly, I never said we were God-like or that we couldn't be beat. I have said since day one OUR GOAL is to go undefeated to achieve that goal we need to win Saturday. See, teams like ours that aren't so used to winning every week year in and year out set goals to motivate ourselves. If I go by Barry's thinking we should be really motivated because we have been losing multiple games every year and we are sick of losing. So Thank You to the Broncos, Mustangs, Crush, Warriors, Cougars, Longhorns, and Cutters, ect. (sorry, there are many more and I don't feel like naming them all, but thank you to all of you for kicking our ass every year because it is thanks to you that we our here.) F that! No, it is the hardwork of our players, our coaches, our families, and our fans. Thanks to all of you that made this possible and we will do our best to achieve our goal. Don't post the BS and you won't get the sarcasism. See you Saturday.

Re: Thank You Generals

Come On #13 do u really think you would be in the championship if the broncos were still around. You need to be thanking the guys from the broncos for breaking up, so you may have this chance to play in the championship. Play hard boys and make it a memorable championship. GOOD LUCK to both teams and stay healthy.

Re: Thank You Generals

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Re: Thank You Generals

So Thank You to the Broncos, Mustangs, Crush, Warriors, Cougars, Longhorns, and Cutters, ect. (sorry, there are many more and I don't feel like naming them all, but thank you to all of you for kicking our ass every year because it is thanks to you that we our here.)

Thank You Generals for this moment that me and my team share. Just know that if it had not been for you good group of guys I would not be holding this Trophy.

Oh And General 13 you are welcome one more year. Enjoy and God Bless