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This week in INSPF 8-22

It’s another Monday night but unlike Monday nights of the past, MNFootball Baby! Its halftime so I’ll make this quick.

Best of the IFL this week will be the Shamrock @ Generals, although its expected to go to the Generals. A big win overshadowed by the extra stuff. Maybe the Shamrock will bring the Fighting Irish with them for extra protection.

Best of the MFL this week is the Cardinals @ Patriots, yet again the win should go to the Patriots, but can a streaking Cardinals team finally pull off a win against their southern neighbor? Side note, a win by the Bearcats all but lock up the first seed in the playoffs.

The Best of rest this week this week the Stampede @ Chicago Mustangs as the Stampede have clinched their division and is the #2 seed in the eastern playoffs in the MSFL, they look to prove they can win on the road.

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Shout out to Vince for the scores, hope more teams take advantage of it as it does make Sunday’s score hunt a lot easier.